15 Unexpected Things You Notice When You Hook Up With A Girl

Hookups are like snowflakes. (Stay with me.) Two of them are never quite the same. You can hookup with the same person and each time can be totally different. You really never know what you’re going to get. That being said, there are some things you will likely notice when you’re hooking up with a girl.

Making out, doing boob stuff, or having sex with a girl are all amazing experiences. And one of the things that makes it good is the different little details. You’ll notice them whether you’re having your first-ever sexual experience with anyone, you’re someone who has been used to hooking up with guys, or you’ve had so many experiences you cannot count them all. Here are 15 unexpected things you will notice when you’re hooking up with a girl.

1. How soft her skin is.


Wow, her skin is literally baby soft. I must find out what body lotion she is using.


2. What the mascara looks like on her lashes super close up.


Why is seeing someone else’s mascaraed eyes so different compared to looking at mine?


3. The taste of her lip gloss mixed with your lipstick.


We’ve created a new flavor here.


4. The length of her nails.

nail patternsMore of that on my back, please.


5. How soft her legs are.

crossing legs

Would it be weird to compare them to a silky seal?


6. The way her lips feel against yours.


“Pillow-y” is the only accurate way to describe it.


7. All of the different subtle scents on her.


I smell shampoo, perfume, body lotion, deodorant. And is that a whiff of toner that I smell?


8. That hint of stubble under her armpit.


Why does this feel so different compared to stubble on a dude’s a chin?


9. How strong you feel.

The-Walking-Dead-Beth-I-am-strongI can lift her!


10. The way long hair can get tangled in what you’re doing.


Pretty sure my eyeball just got stabbed by three strands of hair. Ouch.


11. Just how sensitive her nipples are.

monsters inc bunk beds

I know my nipples are sensitive, but seeing how someone else’s nips react is surprising.


12. Her ear piercing holes.


Of all of the things to notice…Would I still notice them if she was wearing earrings?


13. The little dimples on the small of her back.

So cute.


14. Just how wet someone can get down there.




15. And the color of her pubic hair.


And here I thought pubes were all generally the same color.


What have you noticed when hooking up with a girl? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Unexpected Things You Notice When Doing Boob Stuff

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