16 Guys Who Will Remind You Why You’re A Feminist

I am not here today to try and convince you that you need to become a feminist. In my brief time as a human being, I have found that it is often all but impossible to convince someone who doesn’t share your beliefs that your beliefs are the ones that are right and that their beliefs belong somewhere else. The trash, maybe. Rather, it is better, as the old writing cliche goes, to show, rather than tell people that their beliefs belong in the the trash.

But also, if you aren’t one–a feminist, that is–like, WYD, girl? Despite what some people might say, feminism isn’t about pitting men and women against one another or playing a “victim” card for one’s own benefit–rather, it is (literally) the belief that everyone should be afforded the same social, political, and economic rights. Still, sometimes it takes a particularly straight white male-type comment from a particularly straight white male-type guy to really reaffirm that, truly, women (both cis and non-cis) really are the only hope for the future. Basically, if you’re a feminist, these guys will remind you why. If you’re not a feminist, these guys will make you want to become one. I am showing, not telling! So, either way, check ’em out here:

1. This guy who, for whatever reason, seems to think that this is a good own:




2. This fashion lover:

3. This smooth dude:



4. This equally smooth (which is to say, not smooth at all) dude:



5. This guy who feels awkward about all the wrong things:


6. This esteemed Tinder user:

7. This one, too:

8. This generous suitor:



9. This giving lover:



10. This man who just wants a girlfriend:

11. This clever wordsmith:



12. This man who has completely revolutionized the use of the Snapchat message:


13. This guy who wants, uh, a lot of things:



14. This guy who is really feeling himself:

15. This, uh, persistent guy:



16. And, finally, this exchange that could only ever happen between two guys:


Well, are you convinced? Which of these guys are your “favorite?” Let us know in the comments!

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