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Well, here we are–it’s April. Sounds crazy, no? But, crazy or not,  we are, in fact, entering the fourth month in the year of our Lord 2017. April, to me, has always been one of those months that feels more or less inconsequential–it comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb, as they say, but other than that, there generally isn’t a whole lot going on.

But then again, I am speaking generally here. April could mean everything to you, personally–maybe youi have prom, or an important final, or you’ll finally find out if you’re getting into the college of your dreams or not. So, that brings us to the question that we must ask at the beginning of every month: What will this April really do for you? (Or to you?) There’s only one way to find out–check out your April horoscope right here:

Aries (March 21-April 20)


Lady, this is your month to shine your bright self all over the place.  Your energy should be high. You are the first sign of the zodiac–the bringer of spring and all that is new and courageous.  If there is something original you need to do–or someone you want to impress with you leadership ability–this is the month to do it.  Your timing will be perfect. You will be supported.  Mars your ruling planet helping you make forward progress. You can see the steps you need to take now- For best results don’t skip steps–you are on fire.

Taurus (April 21-May 21)


Your birthday is around the corner.  You are super ready for some spring in your step.  You may be amazing at lazing about indulging your senses but you are equally amazing at enjoy the fresh energy of spring. This is the perfect time to plant what new moves you are going to make in life. Spring is the time to begin, by fall you can harvest all the efforts you make now. What do you want to grow in your little corner of the world.  You are talented creator, with an eye for beauty. Share your gifts with the world.

Gemini (May 22-June 21)


April is a great month to get grounded and centered.  This is not your usual way of being,  It may seem unnatural to stop and smell the roses. To slow down your mind long enough for something long term to be realized. Your birthday month is just around the corner which will give you all kinds of delightful things to do. For now just being will do.  Write down your goals. Cook yummy food. Stop and smell the flowers.  Life zooms by, it’s important to enjoy the simple pleasure of going slow. Make taking it easy your focus for the best April yet.


Cancer (June 22-July 23)


April is a review month for you.  Look carefully over your new plans for the year ahead. Astrologically, spring is when the new year begins.  The effort you put in to get clear about what you want to accomplish will be pay off.  What will you create by this time next year?  What healthy new routines can you incorporate into your life?  So much can change to put you on track to the best life possible. You just have to take the first steps, and each step after that will come clear.  It all starts with a grand plan.

Leo (July 24-August 23)


Life might have been kinda speedy lately.  But things really are slowing down in April.  You will notice you mind is not to keen on complications. Focus on simple things. Create methods to move forward at a stable deliberate rate.  Nothing needs to get down sooner than it does. Push yourself to be patient and life will lead you to rewarding fun that feeds your Soul.  Nurture that fabulous carefree kid with good food and happy times.  You may want to indulge a little more than you need to. Try and have some limits, or you will get a tummy ache.


Virgo (August 24-September 23)


This is a great month to be all kinds of practical productive.  Expect to come up with brilliant methods to implement your plans to achieve your goals for this year.  Spring is when the new year really starts. You should have the wind beneath your wings now.  Get your lists written.  Clear the way for a fabulous year to unfold, and it will.  Your earthy nature is supported in the spring.  Focus on getting strong.  Remind yourself you are capable. In fact, not many people are as good at the important details of life as you. You got your back and everyone else’s too.


Libra (September 24-October 23)


This year has all kinds of potential for you.  April is a lucky month to make progress.  But luck will be yours all year long.  Things slow down this month.  Way down.  Take the time to enjoy the simple earthy pleasure all around you. There is beauty to be had every time you turn around at this time of year–and beauty soothes your soul. Do your best to be a little selfish for best results. You need to know what you need before you can fill the needs of others. You are a peacemaker but don’t do it at the expense of your own peace of mind.

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)


You might run into some stubborn opposition this month.  You can be stubborn too.  So keep that in mind when someone important thwarts your efforts. If someone is irritating you ask yourself how this is a reflection of you. There is always something to learn.  A new piece to the puzzle.  If you approach things thinking about what would be best for everyone you can’t lose. And remember, not everyone is for everyone. Take nothing personally.  If you feel like a reject, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go fine people who can see the treasure having a friend like you really is.


Sagittarius (November 23-December 22)


This month is going to be taking you places.  There is a whole lot of change rolling around.. You will have to make a choice. Perhaps many choices. Wait until the last half of the month to make any major commitments. You might just all of a sudden, change your mind, saving yourself a whole lot of hassle.  Be impulsive when the stakes are low if you need too.  If it’s gonna cost a lot hold off. If it is meant to be it can wait.  Being yourself can seem hard now, but life is just helping you grow up a little, it’s a good thing.


Capricorn (December 23-January 20)


Things are really rolling now. Your five year plan is clearly working out.  Awesome!  Luckily you can really get sorted out this month.  Things slow down enough for you to review all the progress, or lack there off, and know for certain what moves to make to get you where you want to go. No sign is as ambitious as you. Your aim is steady. You can do what you know you should. People respect you for that. Drop the self doubt. Count event the tiny steps you are making. Applaud your progress. “A thousand mile journey begins with just one step.”


Aquarius (January 21-February 19)


Part of you is rolling fast right now. Initiating new projects, entertaining new ideas, and being generally spontaneous. Another part is feeling very focused on each slow methodical step that needs taking. You can combine these two energies to be very thorough with important work, but you can also be having a whole lot of freaky fun on the side if you so choose.  You are a genuine rebel.  Don’t suppress that–it’s that part of you that will take you to all that is right. It will take you to freedom. The more you you are the happier you can be.


Pisces (February 20-March 20)


Lady, this month will keep you on your toes. All you want to do is relax but you have to keep going for some reason. Look at your life and see if it’s the one you are actually choosing for yourself. If it’s not you just won’t be happy.  Sleep is lovely when you need to recoup. Take naps.  Alone time clear your energy and re-centers you. Consider the days you have a nap as two days.  You get to wake up twice- how productive. Ninety-minute naps work best for you.  Find the time. Your best ideas come from your dreams.

Was your horoscope right this month? What insight did it give you? Tell us in the comments!

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