18 Genius Ways To Store Your Handbags So They Stay Organized

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to organize my various accessories – where to put my jewelry so that it doesn’t tangle together, how to keep my sunglasses safe from scratches, and how to make random items look pretty instead of cluttered. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job with everything, but the one organization tip I have yet to master? How to store my handbags. I have a decently sized handbag collection, including small clutches, cute crossbody bags, awkwardly sized but easy to fold tote bags, and, the hardest to store of all, sturdy leather bags. Keeping them neat instead of in a messy pile, while also not taking up too much room, has proven to be a huge struggle for me.

So, I did a little research on Pinterest, as one does in this day and age, and I found a lot of helpful tips that I will definitely be trying out in my own home. And, of course, I couldn’t go through with it without sharing these with you guys. Whether you have only a few bags that you don’t know what to do with, or a larger collection like myself, you’ll definitely appreciate these handbag storage ideas that will keep your items looking good and easy to reach. Check out these genius ideas on how to store your handbags, and then spend the weekend doing some spring cleaning. Now’s the time!

1. Give them their own space.



If you have room and a large collection of bags, get them their own shelving unit. Of course, not everyone has the space for it, but if you do, this is probably your best bet.


2. Keep clutches in magazine holders.



These magazine holders are inexpensive (or easy to make with an old cereal box), and they’re also the perfect size for clutches or other small bags. Zip the straps into the bags and put ’em in there. Just don’t stuff them all in one.


3. Install a rack under your vanity or desk and hang them there.



Using a rack and hooks, you can hang your handbags pretty much anywhere. Keep them under your vanity, or if you have room by a coat rack or entryway, you can leave them there so they’re easy to grab.


4. Hang them on the back or inside of your closet door.



Save space by hanging your bags on a strap on the inside or outside of your closet or bedroom door. You can find these in most home decor/organization stores, or you can find tutorials to easily make your own.


5. Use a lid rack to hold small clutches or wallets.



This lid rack is meant for pot lids, and you can find them in almost any kitchen section of a store – but it’s also ideal for small clutches and/or wallets. It keeps them neat and upright, and it looks cute.


6. Display your prettiest bags on a shelf.



If you feel super proud of some of your handbags, display them on a bookshelf or any other shelf of your room with other baubles, like jewelry, perfume, or nicely stacked books.


7. If you have space in your closet, use shower hooks to hang the bags from a rack.



A lot of people advise against hanging your bags like this, since it can stretch the straps, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If you don’t mind doing it and you have the space, it’s a good way to keep them from ending up in a messy pile.


8. Use boxes to hold smaller bags.



Reuse old shoe boxes or get some inexpensive storage boxes, and use them to hold your smaller bags – large boxes can also fit the bigger ones. This is a good way to keep them neat and not all on top of each other.


9. If you have room in your closet, place them on a shelf over your clothing rack.



Giving your bags their own shelf is simple and convenient. This is really best for larger bags, as smaller ones will just kind of fall without any support.


10. Get this handy door storage unit to keep your bags safe.



This is a great option if you don’t have a huge handbag collection. It keeps them safe and out of the way.


11. Put hooks on some empty wall space to hang them.



If you have the wall space, this is a great way to store and display your bags. It could be a good way to use up an awkwardly placed wall.


12. Get a shelving unit just for your bags.



This is a great piece to keep small bags and larger bags organized. Buy one or have someone help you make it.


13. Get dividers to keep the bags upright.



Placing your bags on shelves seems great – until you grab one, and they all fall on top of each other. Dividers keep the shelves neat and the bags upright.


14. Use bins to hold your smaller bags.



Like boxes, bins are a great way to keep your small bags and wallets out of the way.


15. Repurpose a bookshelf into a handbag storage unit.



A little bookshelf like this can be purchased for a great price from Ikea or Target.


16. Repurpose a coat rack as a bag organizer.



A coatrack also makes for a really great spot to hang your bags.


17. Put your favorite bag on display with your shoes.



This is a good way to show off your favorite bag and to keep it in easy reach.


18. Get little cubbies.



Keep bags neat and organized with these cubbies especially made just for them.

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? How do you keep your handbags organized? Tell us in the comments.

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