7 Things You Need To Do Before And After Having Sex

The other day, I was wasting time on Twitter (as usual) and came across a post that instantly made me scoff. Some guy–thinking he was clever–made a tweet along the lines of, “Why do women always go to the bathroom after having sex? LOL, what they got to do in there?” Almost every woman who replied to him said one thing: Pee. And no, it’s not just because people like to have a jolly ol’ piss after doing the nasty, it’s because it’s basic sex-ed knowledge that urinating after sex flushes any bacteria that has built up during sex that might have otherwise triggered a urinary tract infection. I actually got a laugh from a man who responded and added, “You should pee too.” Hey, it’s true! Preventing UTIs post-sex isn’t just useful for people with vaginas, it’s useful for folks with penises too.

All this got me thinking: One, it’s sort of sad how little people are taught about safe sex practices beyond “use a condom” and “never ever have sex ever LOL abstinence rules.”And two, there are a lot more things that people should do before and after sex that don’t even consider. Well, no worries, you’re about to know what’s up: Check out these seven things you should always do before and after having sex. Whether you’re having sex with someone with a vagina, someone with a penis, or your sexual activity involves the use of sex toys as opposed to other people’s sex organs, you should follow this advice so you can have the safest sex possible.

Before: Groom Yourself So That You Feel As Comfortable As Possible

You're probably wondering what this has to do with being safe. Well, look at it this way: Is it hard to get in the mood when you don't feel great about the way you look? The less relaxed you are, the harder it might be to get turned on. That could mean a lack of lubrication down there and some seriously tense muscles, and if you have a vagina that means that intercourse can be a lot less enjoyable and a lot more painful. So it doesn't hurt to groom yourself to be as comfortable as possible before the act. Maybe that means shaving, maybe that means putting on your favorite underwear, maybe that means making sure your hair is out of your face. Either way, do what makes you feel killer.


Before: Wash Your Hands

Come on, you probably don't do it. But think about it: Why not? If you're going to potentially have someone's fingers inside of you or rubbing up on your most sensitive private areas, wouldn't you want to make sure their hands were as clean as possible. Yeah, like, that feces covered cell phone is probably not the last thing you want someone to touch before their fingers go up your butt or your vagina. Think about it. Let's avoid infections, shall we?


Before: If You're Having Intercourse With Someone With A Penis, Make Sure They Pee First

If you've got a vagina and you're about to do it with someone with a penis, it doesn't hurt to ask them to pee before doing it. Why? Because if they masturbated at all prior to having sex with you, there might be leftover semen hanging out in their urethra. That means that if you're having condom-free sex, you could risk the chance of becoming pregnant, especially if you're using the pull out method. Peeing will flush the urethra of any leftover semen, reducing risk of rogue sperm making it's way up your vag. Of course, we don't recommend using the pull out method at all--please, condoms are the safest way to go--but we're not going to pretend like people don't do it either. So if you are going to go the pull out route, you might as well be as safe (and baby-free) as possible.

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Before/After: Sanitize Your Sex Toys

Whether it's before getting it on or after, please, take a minute to sanitize any and all sex toys you plan to use when have sex. Who wants an unclean dildo going up their vagina? Answer: Nobody. Unless that's, like, your thing, I guess.

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After: Go Pee

As I said in the intro, peeing helps flush out any lingering bacteria from your urethra, which will help prevent post-sex urinary tract infections. No ifs, ands, or buts, dude: Piddle after you diddle.

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After: Clean Up Down There

After using the toilet, it doesn't hurt to use a mild cleanser and water to get rid of any other lingering bacteria, sweat, fluids, etc so that your urethra is as much of a UTI-free zone as possible.

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After: Leave Your Undies Off

If you have a vagina, the last thing you want to do after getting all sweaty and swapping genital bacteria with someone is to suffocate your bits with underwear. Let your vagina breathe, because nobody wants to get a yeast infection right after doing it.

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What rituals do you have pre and post-sex? Tell us in the comments!

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