9 Unique Spring Nail Polish Trends You Need To Try

I know that you, like me, probably miss the short-lived “furry nail” trend of 2016. JK, that was truly the weirdest nail trend of all time. But, as it is spring and it is the time of year for the hot new trends, you are probably looking for the best nail look to try that isn’t something dark and wintery. Sure, you could go for the basic “pastel colors” that pop up this time of year, but that’s a little boring, right? I mean, those Easter egg colors are cute for like, a minute, but can’t we move on? Yes, we can. It’s time.

Nail art is a little weird since you need to be super close to actually appreciate it, but it’s a really cool and unique way to get ~funky~ without going too wild. You can do a lot with your nails, and, yes, they can even be on-trend. The best part about nail trends is that you don’t have to spend too much time and money on them, since you can do most of them yourself with polish you already have. So, if you want to NAIL the perfect look this spring, check out these nail trends. Okay, I’m really am sorry about that pun. Anyway, check out the spring 2017 nail looks you need to try:

Are you going to try any of these nail trends this spring? Tell us in the comments!

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