This Is How To React When Your Ex Tries To Get Back Together With You

You know, I’d like to tell you that guys get more mature with age, but evidently, it’s all the same crap and it starts when you’re little. I know #NotAllMen or whatever, but tell me otherwise: this little girl is literally you after an ex tries to get back with you. Social media expert Nana Jibril posted this video of this girl recounting the story about how this boy – her ex – tried to win her back with a bracelet, and it’s pure gold. Check it out:

I think we all wish we could be this resolute, confident, badass, and uncompromising after someone breaks up with us. Look at her go! This little girl is clearly living her best life after this breakup and nothing is going to get her down.

You know her point of view about how this breakup probably went down because this video starts with: “My boyfriend, right? The one that dumped me?” So, in case you weren’t clear before, this little boy trying to win her back is the one that let her go in the first place! Sound a little too relatable and too close for comfort? Yeah, I bet guys at any age have tried to pull something similar on girls everywhere. Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, some guys think forgiveness is best won with material gifts. Clearly, the internet had a lot to say about this girl and how much she won that breakup:

Furthermore, can we all agree that her best friend is also iconic? (And those matching buns! Too cute.) That girl is either you or someone in your friend group. That one who has your back no matter what, adds her unique humor and point of view to any situation to make it better, and can somehow both shine and back you up at the same time? May we all be so blessed to have a friend like this.

So, the rest of it goes: “He wants to get back with me, and I be like ‘No! No! NoOOOoOoo.” At which point, the internet, I’m assuming, stood up and applauded her. Clearly, we all know some girls who are more grown than this little girl who need to be more like her. I know, she’s funny and cute, but really, what’s so goals about her is that she says no in a clear way to a boy and definitely doesn’t feel like she has to be responsible for his feelings. Why? How he feels about her is none of her business! She’s taking care of herself, communicating loudly and clearly, and staying strong in her position of never, ever getting back together with this dude. Yeah, breakups hurt and make you do weird things, but when someone tries to get you back and kind of phones it in? No thank you! Why do you have to be super sweet to someone who hurt you? Don’t be mean – this little girl wasn’t mean – but you don’t have to take care of them.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten” and then dismissed it because not everything can be as simple as it was when you were that young – this video proves that that is clearly not always the case. Just stand up and say no to f*ckboys, it’s evidently not that hard. She says no in a real way and that’s Grade A handling-your-ex goals.

Also, she totally keeps the bracelet and while the voice on the other end of the video (a grown woman) is encouraging her to give it back to him, that little girl is not having it. On one hand, the bracelet very definitely comes with the catch that she gets back with him, but on the other hand she wants to keep the bracelet and that’s definitely part of sticking it to him. So, jury’s out on what she’s “supposed” to do. Still, everything about this video is amazing and I hope that you all can channel her tenacity the next time you need to muster up the courage to tell some dude what’s what.

Do you think she needs to give the bracelet back? What would you’ve done in that situation?

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