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If there is one thing I love more than messing with guys, it’s messing with guys on the internet. I’m only (sort of) kidding, but every time I see a girl “trolling” a guy, I do get pretty excited. I mean, I have nothing against these guys personally, but, LBR, men can be jerks, especially on the internet. So when I read about a teen from North Dakota memeing a guy, I had to share.

Brooke Beissel was scrolling through her Tinder, as many people do when they get bored, when she was matched with a self-proclaimed student athlete. If you’re not familiar with student athletes, then 1) where have you been the past few weeks and 2) just picture all of those annoying LAX bros from your high school. Brooke, a true hero, decided to send her match a casual student athlete joke. You know, the one that was circulating the Internet as a spectacular meme (more examples here). Here’s what went down:

He messaged her, she didn’t respond, so he kept going. Finally, she responded with a CLASSIC student athelete meme, which she assumed he would get since it literally said that he was a student athlete in his Tinder bio. His response was…unexpected. 


So, not only was this guy not a TRUE student athlete (since he didn’t get the meme, of course), he was also kind of a jerk. Let’s break down this response, shall we? She didn’t respond to his “hi cutie” message, so then thought it was a good idea to let her know that he “doesn’t bite.” Ok. After that, Brooke sent a CLASSIC student athlete line, to which he just..did not get the joke.

Of course, this isn’t the absolute worst thing a guy can do on the internet, but it’s still pretty funny and just goes to show how guys can turn literally ANYTHING into a random pickup line or ploy to get girls. Brooke clearly wasn’t having it. Honestly, good for her. She obviously gained support from her loyal Twitter followers, who thought the whole thing was hilarious:

Other girls could totally relate. Men, am I right?????!!!

Others responded with a their own meme, which was truly the only way to respond:

I don’t know who this mystery Tinder guy is, but I hope that somewhere out there, he finally understands what a TRUE student athlete is. You know, someone who is annoying and loves sports. I also hope Brooke can find a better guy. Maybe one who hates sports?

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done on Tinder? Tell us in the comments!

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