16 Cute DIY Ways To Update Your Old Sweaters For Spring

By this point in the year, you’ve probably amassed a small collection of sweaters that you wore over and over the last few months. Your favorite sweaters from this past season (and maybe from last year too) are probably cozy, soft, and comfortable, meaning you’ve worn them so many times that, at this point, they’re probably starting to look kind of old. At the same time, spring is officially here, and you’re most likely ready to revamp your wardrobe. But does this mean you need to get rid of your trusty sweaters and buy all new items? Definitely not. There are lots of ways to update your favorite old sweaters that will make them more warm weather appropriate.

Be warned, though – most of these crafts will change your sweater forever, whether you’re cutting it up or sewing different things on it, so make sure you only do these with a sweater you don’t mind transforming completely. The below tutorials make your sweater seem less like a snowy day staple, and more like the perfect piece for a breezy spring day. Who needs to drop money on new shirts when you can make your old ones look so good? Check out these cute DIY ways to update your sweaters for spring, and start crafting!

1. Do some snipping and add bows to the back. 



Take an old sweater or sweatshirt, and make it have an open back – much more appropriate for spring weather – adding some cute patterned bows for a feminine vibe.


2. Create a lower back and just add one bow.



If you’re not into the idea of entirely open back, try this DIY – it just creates a lower back cut-out, with one pretty bow to tie things together.


3. Turn an oversized knit into a slouchy, cropped knit.



An off-the-shoulder cropped sweater is perfect for that annoying transitional weather spring is so famous for.


4. Opt for spring colors by doing fun dip dying.



Brighten up an old sweater with this easy dip dye technique for colors that are perfect for April and May.


5. Add cute elbow patches.



Adding an elbow patch is an easy way to make an old sweater look fun and new. Ice cream cones are quirky and perfect for warmer weather days.


6. Add some lace to the cuffs for a simple update.



An easy way to transform your sweater without changing up the whole thing is to add lace to the cuffs. It’s a pretty adjustment!


7. Make your sweater into an open back sweater.



Don’t know how to sew? No problem. You can still do this cool open back sweater tutorial. These are all over stores, but why buy one when you can so easily do it yourself?


8. Make an old sweater look like a bejeweled knit blazer.



Cut your sweater to turn it into a knit blazer. Embellishments like jewels make it look even prettier.


9.  Create a cool pattern on the front.



Go from plain sweater to graphic sweater with a cool design on the front, embellished with sequins and/or jewels. This eye is awesome, but feel free to get creative.


10. Add lace and buttons to the back of your shirt for a more boho feel.



Bored of your top? Adding some lace and buttons gives it a more vintage vibe and totally changes the silhouette.


11. Make lace sleeves.



Adding a strip of lace down the sleeves isn’t very difficult, and it makes a boring sweater a lot more cute to look at.


12. Add some studs for an edgier look.



Not into the lacy, girly thing? Try leather and studs instead.


13. Make your sweater a skirt.



Totally done with your sweater? Cut it into a knit skirt. This is best for certain materials – something thicker and stretchier.


14. Or turn it into a cardigan.



Cardigans are great for spring because they’re a little bit more versatile. Make a trusty sweater into a button down sweater so it’s not quite as warm.


15. Add a simple little bow.



Snip off the collar of your sweater for a more off the shoulder look, and add a cute bow with the discarded fabric.


16. Go for this unzipped back look for something a little more unique.



This is seriously cool and even makes an old sweater look kind of sexy.

Which one of these DIY sweater updates are you going to try? How do you wear sweaters in spring? Share in the comments!

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