7 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone

There are a lot of good reasons to break up with someone. Maybe your partner is too possessive and always makes a stink about what you wear or who you hang out with. Maybe bae is too hot and cold and acts a little too neglectful toward your feelings. Maybe your BF or GF have a lot in common but aren’t super compatible on the relationship front. Hey, maybe you two are heading to college soon and you don’t want to deal with the stress of a long-distance relationship. Again, there are so many reasons to break up with someone, and I hope you don’t hesitate to employ them. Then there are grey areas. Is it fair to break up with someone who isn’t as sexually experienced as you? That depends, if you want to do things in bed that bae isn’t comfortable with, should you have you sacrifice your sex life for them? See what I mean? Things can get tricky!

But there are a lot of bad reasons to break up with someone too that, no matter the context, are probably just straight up indefensible and ridiculous. If you’re thinking of breaking up with someone (or figure you might sometime in your life), you should probably make sure you’re not breaking up with them for any of these seven bad reasons.

Your Friends Don't Like Them

Maybe your friends are on to something...or maybe your friends have a tendency to be a bit shallow. If it's the latter and you know it, please, don't let your friends determine whether or not your BF or GF is worthy of dating, especially if they're of a different social standing than you.

Cultural Differences

Yo, listen up: It's the 21st century, so if you really like someone and they like you back, cultural differences (race, ethnicity, religion, class, etc) is not a good reason to break up with someone. Honestly, it just makes you look like an intolerant, old fashioned ahole.

Superficial Things That Can't Be Changed

Yo, if someone is short...they're probably going to be short forever. If you're going to let that get to you, don't lead someone on the impression that you don't care about it when you do. Dating someone and then breaking up with them because you suddenly realized you can't date someone under 6'0? Those people are out there. Don't be that person.

Disagreeing A Lot

There are some things that you just know you need to see eye to eye on with a partner. But guess what? There are a lot of things that you and bae are going to disagree about. Don't let disagreements get in the way of an otherwise civil relationship.

Your Parents Disapprove

Sometimes, your parents really do have a good grasp on a romantic relationship that you just don't. Maybe they see that your boyfriend is actually, well, trash. Or, you know, they could be just as jugemental as a jugemental friend and have really petty reasons for not wanting you to date your SO. Hear them out, but don't blindly follow them. You're an independent person.

Not Being Sexually Risky Enough

An old roommate of mine was in a relationship with a guy who broke up with her because she wanted to use a condom despite having an IUD. Don't pressure your partner into dangerous territory and then break up with them when they won't follow you.

They Still Follow Exes On Instagram, Snapchat, Etc

I think that a lot of us forget that sometimes, an ex is just an ex. Just because bae likes an ex's photo doesn't mean they're thirsty for them. Be rational.

Have you ever broken up with someone or been broken up with because of these reasons? What are some other bad reasons to break up with someone? Tell us in the comments!

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