15 Of The Worst Things You Could Ever Get As A DM

If you are a person on the internet–particularly a girl, or someone who presents as a girl–chances are good that you have gotten your fair share of bizarre, unwanted messages from strangers. (Usually men, but I’m not going to get into that whole can of worms right now.) These messages could come in the form of a Twitter DM, an Instagram DM, a private message on Facebook, or an email from an address like “motorcycled00d69@hotmail.com. You know? You know.

At best, they’re funny enough to screenshot and send to your friends. At worst, they’re something genuinely unsettling enough to screenshot and send to the police. Most DMs from strangers, however, land solidly in the middle–like, they’re weird enough to block whomever dent you the message, but, like, you’re still going to screenshot it and put it on the internet, right? It’s what they deserve.So, check out these weird messages that, in all likelihood, are the worst things you could ever get as a DM:

1. Here is my favorite tweet:


2. And my second-favorite tweet:


3. I would rank them all, but that doesn’t really seem fair:


4. Especially when it comes to this, um, extremely forward puppet:


5. Um:


6. UM:


7. It’s not all bad, though–sometimes you get some cool invitations:


8. Or an encouraging message from Cameron Dallas?


9. Or Lana Del Rey!


10. Celebrities love doing this, apparently (even if it’s a canned response):


11. So, why not DM them first?


12. Then again, this might happen:


13. A lot to unpack here!


14. What?


15. Bye!

Have you ever gotten any weird DMs like this? Which ones of these is your fave? Let us know in the comments!


You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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