15 Things That Perfectly Explain You When You Do The Bare Minimum

If there is one thing that you learn from being a human who lives on Earth for a certain amount of time–say, twenty years or six months or so–it is that it is hard to do things. Well, it’s not hard to do everything, technically–only the things that you technically have to do. Everything else, the things that you don’t need to do–like staying up all night making brownies or reading every single item on the “Unsolved Deaths” Wikipedia page–is very, very easy. Personally, I prefer to expend most of my efforts into what I like to refer to as my “extracurricular” activities–which are, of course, rewatching pivotal episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from 2014 and watching this art film by Lana Del Rey every night before I go to bed until I die, probably:

I am sure you can relate. Anyway, the point here is that doing anything besides, say, being a lazy bum is very hard. So hard, in fact, that when the time comes to do things that are actually required to be a real, functioning member of human society–homework, work, interacting with other humans, etc.–the only real level of commitment you can actually put into it is, um, negligible. So, check out these things that perfectly explain your level of effort when you do literally anything–which is to say, the bare minimum of effort that one could ever put forth in anything:

1. Same:


2. School expectation:


3. School reality:


4. A personal attack? Perhaps:


5. Me as hell:



6. Amazing:


7. You doing some homework:



8. Who can’t relate?


9. Iconic:


10. W O W:



11. Literally same:


12. Doing nothing is hard, tbh:


13. Heh:


14. Relatable!



15. Sleep tight!

Do you relate to any of these memes? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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