7 Signs That You’re Actually Too Good For Your Crush

When you have a crush on somebody, it’s really easy to see them in rose colored glasses. By that I mean, you have an idealistic idea of them that isn’t as rooted in reality as you think it is. Everything they do, you manage to spin into a positive – you see their annoying habits as adorable and you’re willing to forgive their questionable behavior pretty quickly. Trust, it happens to all of us.

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You conjure up these fleeting images of what it would be like to date them and it looks like it’s straight out of a movie montage with your favorite love song playing in the background. Their flaws are virtually non-existent and everything about them is interesting. Even their acne is endearing. You think your crush is so cool, maybe so much so that they’re out of your league, and you could only dream of them seeing you at the same level as them. Again, all of this is pretty common, but I don’t think we understand just how self-deprecating it is too. We get so caught up in aggrandizing our crush that we think we’re, like, not good enough for them in comparison.

Uh, wrong.

In fact, I’d argue that plenty of you reading this have a crush on someone you’re actually too good for. I don’t mean that in a snobby sort of way, I mean that in a your-crush-might-just-be-garbage-and-you’re-ignoring-it-because-you’re-too-sprung-right-now-do-better-girl kind of way. Check out these seven signs that you’re actually too good for your crush.

They Have The Conversational Skills Of A Fish

Okay, but seriously: If your attempts to talk to your crush make you feel like you're pulling teeth, please, don't bother. It's one thing if someone is shy, it's another if someone clearly doesn't feel like having a perfectly normal conversation with you and acts as if it's some monumental chore for them. You don't deserve to feel like they're doing you a favor whenever they talk to you.

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They're Shallow AF

Shallow people are a nightmare. It's really easy to feel like you can't match up to their expectations, wants, and desires, but let's flip the scrip. Maybe they can't live up to your expectations that someone shouldn't be a superficial jerk. Don't just assume that someone can only be considered shallow if they're shallow to you; you could be totally chill in their book and they can still be a shallow a-hole toward others. It's not a good look either way. It's time to move on.


They're Way Too Concerned About Image And Looking Cool

Listen: Anyone who acts like they're too effing cool for anything and everything are so annoying to crush on, especially since this personality makes them incredibly hard to approach. If you have a crush on someone who, for example, is cool with talking to you and hanging out with you one-on-one, but acts like he barely knows you when you catch them around their friends...that's a big warning sign. Wean yourself off this crush until they stop being so concerned about keeping up appearances.


They're Talking To A Lot Of People Right Now

There's nothing inherently wrong with "talking" to a lot of people at once, but if you're expecting to get exclusivity out of this guy/girl/whatever...you might be waiting for a long time. Have some self-respect and don't wait around for them or be satisfied as another number in their contacts if you want something that feels real.

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They're Low Key A Bit Of A Bully

Maybe they're not mean to you, but that doesn't matter. A bully is a bully, and even if they have some redeeming qualities, that should be a turn off for you if you think that bullying is wrong.


They Don't Give You The Attention You Give Them

This can be so heartbreaking, but it happens so often. Maybe you and this crush of yours are in a "talking" kind of relationship: texting, maybe a little hooking up, etc. You guys have fun together, but something always feels really one sided. You always feel like you're putting more into whatever is going on between you two than they are. You deserve to get just as much, if not more attention and affection as you put into someone else, and if you're not getting it you might be waiting a while to get it...if ever. Your deserve deserves to go to someone who will actually appreciate it.


Your Crush Isn't Woke And They're Chill With That

Look, we don't come out of the womb woke AF, but if you're passionate (or have, you know, common decency) about certain social issues and your crush doesn't, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. This is especially true if they seem to have no interest in becoming a little more aware or respectful of important issues going on today. Don't waste your time, babe, you can do so much better.

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Have you ever had a crush on someone who ended up being the worst? Tell us in the comments!

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