This Selfie Reaction Is The Biggest Sign That A Guy Is A Total Jerk

Romantic rejection is definitely not an easy thing to deal with, and it’s something that can make even the best people act in really embarrassing ways (after an ex dumped me, I spent an absurd amount of time dragging myself on Facebook statuses – I don’t want to talk about it). Some reactions are a little cringe-worthy to watch, but otherwise harmless, while others are… uh, well, they’re not good. Take, for example, the reaction this guy had to a girl after she posted a selfie on her Twitter account:

Here are the details: Twitter user @sleeeepyzee posted two bomb selfies on her profile, which lead to a string of responses from other Twitter users. One response was from user @AintShitBen, who had this lovely “compliment” to give:


Uh… okay? Was she supposed to be flattered by the phrase “You look like my next mistake?” She was not, understandably, and she said this in response:


And so, he reacted in a totally rational way:


So, yes, it’s true: he hit on her in a totally gross way, she basically told him to eff off (as she should have), and then he reacted by sending out a bunch of tweets ranting about the girl. Let me repeat that. He hit on her, then he proceeded to insult her and drag her. That… makes no sense. If you’re hitting on someone, it most likely means you find them attractive or cool. So, if they reject you, you can’t turn around and act like you NEVER thought that. I mean, you can, it’s just insanely petty and immature, and only shows off your low amount of self-esteem.

Unfortunately, it’s something dudes do literally all the time. How many of us have rejected a guy, only to have him come back at you with a nasty comment about how you’re not good enough for him anyway? It’s a gross way for the guy to try to gain back some control. He feels stupid for putting himself out there, so he tries to make him himself feel better by insulting you. It’s old school bully crap, and it’s lame AF. Especially when your idea of hitting on someone is essentially insulting them!

Anyway, Twitter user @sleeeepyzee was not having it, and so she sent out that original tweet (which, as of right now, has 18K retweets and 39K favorites), as well as this:


Preach, girl, preach. If you need more proof that this happens all the time, just check out some of the stories she got in her replies from her viral tweet. Other girls were quick to share their own experiences with guys who make a move, then get hut when they’re rejected and try to make the girl feel bad about themselves. Like this girl, who shared a photo of a guy going off on her when she didn’t answer his Snap message:


And this girl – a guy sent her a shirtless photo (presumably without asking if she wanted one), then told her off and acted like he was doing her a favor:


And this girl, who said the original guy did the same exact thing to her:


Unfortunately, not all of the replies were about women coming together. Some of them were from people who, for some reason, believed user @sleeeepyzee was in the wrong for how she handled the situation. This user claims the behavior of the original guy was right:


This user acted like she deserved the response she got because she publicly rejected him. She did – after he publicly said something really rude to her!


And this user acts like she shouldn’t have rejected him on Twitter:


Look, we can laugh about this or blow it off, but the truth is that it speaks to something larger in this society: the fact that women still can’t feel like they can reject a man without being worried about some kind of backlash. A girl doesn’t have to accept any compliment (and they definitely don’t have to accept an insult disguised as a “compliment”) if she doesn’t want to. Girls don’t have to politely reject a guy who comes on too strong. Girls don’t have to turn the other cheek while a guy says whatever he wants. No one deserves to deal with harsh insults and angry words simply because they said some version of “thanks, but no thanks.”

Sure, this was a small incident on Twitter – he ranted about her on his timeline, and everyone will probably forget about it in a few weeks. But there are real stories out there of girls who reject guys like this, and then get physically assaulted, or even worse, get murdered. This kind of thinking leads to things like the mass shooting in California in 2014, when Elliot Rodgers killed six people because he was angry about women rejecting his advances. That might sound dramatic and alarmist, but it’s true – this is unhealthy behavior that needs to go, now. 

Yeah, rejection sucks, and it’s hard to get through. But you don’t react by throwing hurtful and angry words at the person who rejected you. And girls, please don’t ever think it’s acceptable for a guy to do this kind of thing if you turn him down. We need to stop thinking this is normal. Let’s end it with this tweet from @sleeeeperzee, who sums it up pretty well:


Have you ever had a guy react like this after you rejected him? What’s your story? Do you think this guy had a right to tweet what he did, or do you agree with the girl? Tell us in the comments.

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