This Is The Craziest Prom Dress You’ll Ever See

Spring is that time of year where, if you’re in high school, you need to pick out the most important dress of your entire life. Not your wedding dress, of course (I mean, maybe, I don’t know your life), but your prom dress. Your prom dress is important! You will take hundreds of pictures in it that will inevitably make it onto your college dorm wall, or make for a super cute TBT Instagram. I mean, sure, it’s just one night, but it’s the high school equivalent to The Academy Awards, so you might as well go all out and get a dress you feel powerful AF in.

Every year, I am more and more impressed by the extravagant dresses that girls get their hands on. My prom dress was gifted to me, and so I didn’t have the luxury of being able to pick one out. So, I’m always really jealous of all the girls who get to go prom dress shopping and pick out the most perfect looks. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I STILL looked fabulous, but I’m bummed I didn’t get to do the shopping. Picking out the dress you love can feel like a rite of passage.

Some girls go for the sexy, glamorous cut-out dresses, while others prefer shorter, more casual dresses. Some girls love the whole mermaid gown thing, and others stick with something flowy rather than tight. However, this one teen from Miami, Florida wanted to go one step further: she decided to rock this epic sequined gown. It looks amazing as is, but when you learn that the dress actually changes colors, it instantly becomes the most unique prom dress of 2017. Watch it in action below:

Don’t you get the feeling that you can watch this for hours? The dress is designed by Adonis West from A’dore Couture Gowns in Miami, and the model in the Instagram is the designer’s sister who is going to rock this piece at prom this year. It’s made of reversible sequins (AKA mermaid sequins), so you can be pretty in white, or flashy in gold, or even a little bit of both, depending on your mood. Honestly, it is truly a prom dress goal.

The dress is, unfortunately, not for sale (ugh) but if it were to be sold, it would cost around $800, according to Cosmopolitan. It looks like an ACTUAL mermaid dress, right?

IDK about you, but I’m getting major flashbacks to the iconic mermaid pillow everyone was freaking out over a while back. Remember that?

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Whatever it looks like, I am so sure this teen will be envied by her fellow prom-goers. And her date BETTER know how lucky they are, TBH. I just hope that one day soon they will be available to all of us, possibly in more colors and styles. But, until then, check out some of A’dore Couture’s other gowns that you will also obsess over:

What do you think of this prom dress? Tell us in the comments!

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