18 Ridiculous Promposals That Prove Love Is Dead

It’s that time of year again: the time when teen boys all over America struggle to find the perfect pun that will convince their bae to attend an overrated and annoying rite of passage known as “prom.” Okay, I don’t really have anything against prom, but, let’s be real, these promposals have gotten a little ridiculous, and this year, they are just getting worse. I know you might think it’s cute or clever, and some of them are! But for every “good” promposal, there are approximately 12 bad ones. That’s an estimation, but you get it.

I’m not trying to shame you for loving prom, because it can be a really fun experience. But when did we start making the date process even more tough than it already was? Like, it was bad enough having to ask someone to prom, and now people are forced to think of a creative way to ask someone to prom that will make them Instagram famous. That’s intense! On top of that, you worry about getting the right dress, getting your hair done… it’s so much. So, I came to the conclusion that, from now on, prom is cancelled and love is dead.  Okay, I know I’m being dramatic, but just LOOK at these ridiculous promposals that just prove that prom should NEVER happen again.

1. Okay first of all, how dare you screenshot your GF’s snaps????? Rude.

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2. This is just…a lot.


3. Wait…which one is asking her to prom?

Why couldn’t I get asked our to prom like this #promposal

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4. LISTEN, if your BF calls himself a beast, that’s NOT a good thing.

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5. ………..What??

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7. Okay, but WTF is she going to do with a goat.


8. This is ABSURD.


9. But like, what if she said no?


10. ????????


11. This just seems so dangerous for everyone involved:


12. Okay, what is happening here?




14. How did he afford this?


15. “Prlmnm?”


16. The memes have gone TOO FAR.

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17. This…doesn’t really make sense.


18. Iconic.

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Which promposals do you hate? Tell us in the comments!

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