16 Basic Things Girls Will Never Be Able To Do

You know what’s cool about being a girl? No matter what you do, somewhere out there, someone will criticize you for it, just because you’re a girl. Sure, a guy can send you 50 annoying texts in a row, and most people would deem it romantic and sweet, a sign of true affection. But if a girl does it, she’s “clingy” and “tries too hard.” If a guy talks about how much sex he has, he’s cool and attractive. If a girl talks about how much sex she has, she’s a slut. So many things that we, as women, do every day are ridiculed just because we are women. Honestly, I’m tired of it. So is Nicki Minaj:


Why are girls unable to do so many things without being yelled at? No matter what we do, people are always trying to change us, tell us we are wrong or shame us for doing things we like. It’s honestly unfair, but we can’t let other people silence us. You should be able to do what makes you happy, like wear LEGGINGS on a PLANE without feeling insecure or mocked. So, check out these things that girls will never be able to do, and then start doing them, because nobody can stop you from being a boss.


1. Wear comfortable clothes:

Want to be comfortable on a nine hour flight? Too bad! You’ll get kicked off for wearing leggings. Sorry!

2. Be in control of their own bodies:

Want to be able to control what you can do with your body? Sorry, leave it to the men! 🙂

3. Be fans of things:

If you’re a dude and you like something, that’s fine. If you’re a GIRL and you like something, you’re an annoying fan girl. Cool.

4. Snapchat their crush:

This girl was SHOT because her crush was annoyed that she Snapchatted him. Excuse me?

5. Be bossy

You can’t be a boss if you’re a girl. You just can’t.

6. Be emotional

If you’re emotional, you MUST be on your period, right?

7. Read “manly” books:

This is just…ridiculous.

8. Understand things!:

OBVIOUSLY, as women, we don’t know how to do things, like our jobs, right?

9. Do things without a man’s permission, of course:

You always need a man’s permission to do ANYTHING.

10. Be called by their names:

So she’s a porn star, but he’s an adult actor. ????????

11. Wear the same outfit twice:

How dare any woman be an outfit repeater, am I right?

12. Change their minds:


13. Or change their outfits:

So, we can’t repeat outfits, but when you have to wait more than five minutes for us to get ready, it’s a huge deal? Okay. Sounds good.

14. Be sexual:

Women NEED to be able to express their sexuality! And yet, if they do, they are constantly ridiculed and attacked. It’s exhausting.

15. Take selfies:

Newsflash: taking pictures of yourself is much more fun than your boring sport. Sorry.

16. Love makeup:

Another newsflash: girls don’t wear makeup for you.


Do you do any of these things girls aren’t “supposed” to do?  Tell us in the comments!

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  • Wow. Most of these things are…. Um inaccurate..

    I mean, what kind of airline is it who wouldn’t allow girls to wear leggings? That’s not so logical, now, is it?

    And being bossy isn’t a good idea; it sends the wrong message.. What I prefer is women who are assertive (can speak their minds on important issues [Hillary Clinton & Rowan Blanchard]) than who are whiny demanding brats when things don’t go their way (Lola Loud)