9 Arguments You Will Have In Any Relationship

While it would be nice if relationships were all happy days, romantic evenings, and Instagram-worthy moments, that is not real life. There are good times, bad times, and times that are basically a big pile of crap. And you know what? Even the best, most loving relationships have all three.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who you would describe as your twin, soulmate, other half, or just someone who you get on with very well, you might not think it will happen. There will always come a time, however, when you just don’t see eye to eye. And it should actually be expected. Why? Because you’re still two different people with separate viewpoints, experiences, and ideas. Think about it: You and your BFF probably still fight even if you’re super close.

When it comes to those inevitable tiffs with your SO, it’s likely that they’re going to be about a few specific topics. Why? They’re issues where slightly differing views can be a big deal. And when you add in the fact they’re important issues, you usually have a recipe for an argument. Take a look at nine things that you and bae will probably fight about. (And remember that you might actually learn something from said fights.)

Fights About Old Relationships

Ah, exes. If only we could permanently get rid of them so they wouldn't have to keep being dragged into new relationships. If you think this one won't apply to you and bae because you both don't see your exes, you're wrong. At some point, they will pop up. And of course there will always be conversations about them and someone is defo going to make a comparison between this relationship and their old one at some point.

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Arguments About Communication

...or should we say or lack thereof. A text or a call might not seem like a big thing, but if you're in a relationship, you will totally understand how that call is super important. However, your SO might not think it is. Surprise, surprise, that leads to problems. And then there are issues about one person failing to communicate what the other one considers essential information.

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Fights About Friends And Family

Friends and family can be a great part of a relationship. That being said, they can also mess one up. That's because the more people are involved, the greater chance that there will be something that someone doesn't agree with. It could be that one annoying friend of bae's or it could be the fact that you always have certain plans on certain days with your fam and bae is frustrated with it.

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Fights About Plans

Making plans, canceling plans, not have plans. Plans can be a bone of contention. Let's not forget about arguments about plans with other people, life plans, school plans, and work plans. If you've been in your relationship for awhile, you might even have already had a fight about all of the different options. It happens.

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Arguments About Something Ridiculous

There are those moments where something will really bother you or bae despite it not being what many would consider a *major* issue. It could be something like bae leaving the toilet seat up at his house or the fact that you spend too much time on the computer. Someone will say something, it will be taken the wrong way, and before you know it, you'll be yelling about everything and anything. Afterwards, you will probably wonder why the heck you argued about it.

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Fights About Your Relationship Status

You might have chosen to be in this relationship, but you can still fight about it. You and bae might not see eye to eye on exactly how to define your relationship. If you do, that's great, but there will come a time when you'll probably get into a row about *progressing* your relationship, doing something in your relationship, or not doing something in your relationship.

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Fights About Privacy

You want to know bae's password and don't think there is any harm in it. Bae thinks it's a total violation of his/her privacy. Sound familiar? Or maybe you consider something between you and your friends to be a private matter whereas bae think it is something that he/she should definitely know about it. Commence fights.

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Arguments About Mundane Things

You know how you would look at your parents arguing about the dishes or the type of soap they use and you'd cringe? I bet you and bae have arguments about similar mundane things, too. It might not be about soap and dishes; it could be about anything and everything you come across in daily life. And that is a lot of potential arguments.

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Fights About Different Viewpoints

Ahhh, and here you thought that you loved being with bae because of the whole *opposites attract thing.* Now it has come to bite you in the butt. Whether it's about politics, religion, other people, or what sports team is the best, an argument can happen. Sometimes it starts off as just sharing your different opinions and debating them in a non-argumentative way. Other times, you know.

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What do you argue about with bae? Let us know in the comments!

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