7 Important Reasons You Should Masturbate On Your Period

I know the idea of period sex can be a little off-putting. I mean…it makes sense! Any time you have blood coming out of you, it’s a little alarming, even when you know it’s happening and experience it every month. So, naturally, you probably don’t want to be having sex while you’re on your period. Or maybe you just don’t have anyone to have sex with. Or maybe you do want to have period sex, in which case you should head over here for some tips. But, if you don’t want to try out getting it on with bae while menstruating, there is a simple solution: period masturbating.

You probably don’t have to look around for reasons to masturbate, but I am going to give them to you anyway, since period masturbation tends to be a bit of a taboo subject. Sure, it’s a little unconventional, but it is nothing to be ashamed about! There actually are a ton of good reasons why you should be masturbating on your period. Weird, right? So, if you’re feeling a little on the fence about if you should show some self love while you’re bleeding, take a look at these important reasons why you totally should masturbate on your period.


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