15 Relationship Goals That Are Actually Misogynistic AF

Do you think a lot about misogyny? I know that I do, baby! From morning to night, you can bet that all I’m thinking about are thos beans and that sweet, sweet pattern of misogynistic thought that permeates our daily lives.

Just kidding. But, uh, not really kidding. If you have not yet taken the Women’s and Gender Studies 101 course that is required for attaining a sense of performative wokeness among college-age students (including this performatively woke girl right here!), you’ve probably heard the word “misogyny” thrown around here and there, but you may not be certain what it is, exactly. Basically, it’s a disdain or straight-up hatred for women that’s so deeply ingrained in men–and women–that many people don’t fully realize that it’s there. It’s also a word that you might feel tempted to roll your eyes at–because, like, is it really going to affect you? Some people have real problems–but it’s pretty present in our society. It’s in the music we listen to. It’s on college campuses. It’s in the White House.

Basically, unless you, of your own volition, have decided to live in an underground bunker in complete and utter isolation, misogyny exists in your life. Period. One place you might not be noticing it? Relationship goals pictures and memes. (You know, those pictures you see on certain Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards that show photos of heterosexual, conventionally attractive couples and portray them as being a goal that everyone should work towards.  We’ve been over this.) Obviously, this venue for misogyny isn’t quite as concerning as some other examples, since “relationship goals” isn’t a concept that affects you as much as school or government. Still, as innocuous as it seems, Relationship Goals content is (unfortunately) probably in some of the pop culture you’re consuming, which means that you’re consuming some heavy-duty misogyny as well. Don’t fall for it! Check out these relationship goals that are actually misogynistic AF:

1. Um:



2. UM:




3. “Lady”




4. ??????



5. Ah, yes–it is every girl’s purpose in life to serve as an ass-cushion for her boyfriend’s video game-playing hands:




6. Rude:




7. What?



8. Absolutely not:




9. This is…abusive. Among other things:




10. PSA that jealousy and over-protectiveness are NOT traits that you should be seeking out!




11. How, pray tell, does a woman having respect for herself and making her “man” sweet potato pie have any correlation?



12. It’s very sweet if someone buys you books! It is not so sweet, however, if these books come with the condition that you have to lay on their lap every time you want to read it:




13. Nothing better than being treated like you’re a possession!




14. If you legitimately think that the person you are in a relationship with is about to hit you, that is NOT OK and it is certainly NOT RELATIONSHIP GOALS:




15. Welp, that’s enough for now, I think:


What do you think of these goals? Do you think they’re actually misogynistic or not? Let us know in the comments!

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