8 Adorable Movie Couples You Didn’t Know Dated IRL

Do you ever watch a movie and think that the chemistry between the main couple is just too good? Me too. Maybe I’m just an optimist, or maybe I just think that these people are really good actors, but I can’t help but to really believe that most on-screen couples should be together IRL. I mean, they spend so much time together, and most of the time they are making out or filming sex scenes, so they should just date, right? I know it’s wishful (and very unrealistic) thinking, but it actually happens a lot more than you would think.

I know you probably shouldn’t date people you work with, since that can get really messy really fast, but some people simply can’t help themselves. And sometimes, those people are actors who not only display their love on-screen, but actually get into a relationship IRL. Since celebs are so private about their personal lives, it’s nice to get a glimpse into what their actual relationships are like. So, every time I learn that a movie couple are actually dating in real life, I obsess over it. If you do too, take a look at these 8 adorable movie couples you probably didn’t know dated in real life. 

Julia Stiles And Heath Ledger From 10 Things I Hate About You

HOW did I never know this? To be fair, I have only seen 10 Things I Hate About You once, and it was about a month ago. If I was a true fan, maybe I would have known that these dated sooner. But still, you can tell their on-screen chemistry was so real, it makes sense they ended up dating for over a year before calling it quits.

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield From The Amazing Spider-Man

I still have hope that these two will get back together, since they are still SO OBVIOUSLY in love with each other. I mean, he cried when she won an academy award last month. I just...can't deal. But anyway, they met when filming The Amazing Spider-Man and dated for four years before calling it quits due to their busy schedules. But MARK MY WORDS, they will get back together, one day.

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds From The Green Lantern

This is a love story that actually has a happy ending. Blake and Ryan met while filming The Green Lantern, which is a superhero movie you've probably never heard of since, let's be real, it was very bad. But, after playing on-screen love interests, they went on to be an actual couple and now have two kids together.

Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf From Trnasformers

If you can recall, there was a time when The Transformers franchise starred Shia LaBeouf. He eventually left the series three movies in (and they are still going strong!) but not before starting drama between himself and costar Megan Fox. He claims that they dated IRL, in addition to being an on-screen couple...which became confusing since Megan was supposedly in a relationship with her now-husband Brian Austin Green at the time. Whatever their relationship was, it lasted a lot shorter than the Transformers series itself, which has ANOTHER movie coming out this summer.

Rachel McAdams And Ryan Gosling From The Notebook

When you think of "relationship goals" couples, who do you think of? I know that 99 percent of people think of the classic The Notebook couple. Turns out they actually did date IRL. I wonder if their "If you're a bird I'm a bird" scene was improvised? Probably not, but we can all pretend, right? They even recreated the famous kiss on stage and made us all collectively faint, am I right? Unfortunately, the couple didn't last. But we will always have their romance immortalized on the silver screen.

Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson From Jumper

You might not know this since they keep their romance on the DL, but these two played BF/GF in the (not very good) teleportation movie Jumper, which eventually turned into a real-life romance. what's even better is the fact that the pair is still together and even have a child together. Cute...but Rachel will always belong to Adam Brody in my heart.

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson From Twilight

Okay, you probably know they dated, but I know I completely forgot about their iconic romance so I thought I would jog your memory too. Before Kristen Stewart was a complete badass with a shaved head, she dated her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson. Honestly, they were kind of goals. Bella and Edward were definitely problematic, but they off screen relationship was pretty cute, until she cheated on him, which made Donald Trump really upset. What a wild story, TBH.

Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan-Channing From Step Up

You remember Step Up, right? The movie that starred a then-unknown Channing Tatum as a dancer (not to be confused with Magic Mike, of course). Well, it not only launched Channing's career, it also helped the couple fall in love IRL. They are still together to this day, so I'm hoping for an original Step Up reunion movie soon.

Did you know about these movie couples? Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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