9 Real Girls Explain What Depression Really Feels Like

Depression is more than just being sad all the time, even though that’s probably what it sounds like. For us who’ve been diagnosed and living with clinical depression (what’s up, I’m one of you), there’s no snapping out of it. “Sucking it up” and “getting over it” isn’t an option sometimes and there’s no easy “cheer up” fix, either. There are some days when nothing can bring you joy and you have no energy. It can be a dark place to be in. Whether you’re predisposed genetically, something happened in your life that triggered it, or something else, depression is the absolute worst and I wouldn’t wish it on my own worst enemy. It’s an ongoing illness and even on your good days, it’s still chilling out in the corner, silently letting you know it can pounce and absolutely wreck your mood at any moment. Sounds fun, right?

Unfortunately, people might not believe you if you say that you’re concerned that you might have clinical depression, especially if you’re a young girl. Well-meaning authority figures will tell you you’re just being dramatic, it’s just your hormones, you’re overreacting, blah blah blah. It happened to me and I spent over ten years actively not getting treatment because people in my life just chalked it up to me being sensitive and quirky. But, if you know something’s off, it’s worth reaching out and getting help. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover mental health, your school’s guidance counselor should be able to guide you towards some helpful resources.

So, to help you along and to maybe put some words to a very weird, awful thing you may be feeling, I asked some friends who’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression to describe what it feels like for them. It’s different for everybody and we all have different symptoms and triggers, but ultimately, more people than you may think actually have it and just talking about it with someone – with no goal of “helping” each other – can wind up helping you a lot. I don’t know you, but I hope this opens up a dialogue for you with yourself or with someone you trust. In case you want to know, this is what depression really feels like.



Do you have depression? What does it feel like for you? Is it hard for you to talk about? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Mady

    It’s like a constant, chronic pain. Emotionally and physically. You’re sad all the time, and when you stop being sad, your back and feet and shoulders hurt. It really is like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. When it doesn’t hurt and when you’re not just sad, you feel frustrated and helpless and just. exhausted. You hurt everyone around you. You’re always stuck in bed. You’re never able to get anything done. You feel like you’re failing everyone around you. And you WANT to be happy and motivated and feel better but just. NOTHING works. It’s like a curse