15 Things That Prove The Unicorn Trend Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Listen, I am all for trends. The enamel pin craze of 2016 was my entire life, and I’m all about chokers. But some things have just gone TOO far. I hate to break it to you, but one of those things is the unicorn trend that seems like it will NEVER END. If you don’t know what the unicorn trend is then good for you, but it is basically the belief that if you make anything rainbow and add the word ‘unicorn’ to it, it will suddenly become magical and ~trendy~. And, TBH, I am sick of it.

I used to like unicorns! I really did. They are magical and innocent. But, somehow, starting at the end of 2016, the trend went everywhere you could ever imagine, and any product that could be unicorned was unicorned. I understand the idea of getting excited about things, but, please, can we stop freaking out over every rainbow colored product? If you aren’t sick of these products yet, then good for you! I don’t want to shame you for loving these things. You do you! But, if you’re like me, you are a little overwhelmed with all of these things that just prove that the unicorn trend has gotten way out of hand. Check them out:

1. Let’s start with this product called Unicorn Snot. Just…why? (But, realistically, I will probably buy this at some point).

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2. Then there are these “unicorn noodles” that just creep me out? IDK.


3. And unicorn sushi?


4. Then the world took it one step further and made unicorn sushi donuts. This is so many trends in one, I am overwhelmed.


5. This unicorn toast is, admittedly, very pretty. But still…cotton candy on toast? Not sure how I feel about it.


6. But, seriously, these would probably good if they weren’t called unicorn poop cookies? It just seems so unappetizing.

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7. I don’t even know what this is, but it looks like it will rot your teeth with one sip.

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8. These unicorn nails that seem slightly dangerous?


9. This poor unicorn violently vomiting all over your phone case? You can get it here, BTW.


10. Excuse me, but what?


11. This unicorn dildo that you can actually buy. It’s made of body safe silicone! Nice!


12. These unicorn pancakes that, TBH, look good. But how would you eat them? Do you eat the horn? Hm.


13. This…whole thing.

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14. This slightly disturbing makeup look:

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15. This poor cat does NOT want to be dressed like this. Stop the madness.

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Are you a fan of the unicorn trend? Tell us in the comments!

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