22 Hilarious Tumblr Posts You’ll Understand If You Date Guys

If you’re a girl who dates guys, then you know things are… hard. I mean, I’m sure it’s difficult to date girls too, but there’s something especially annoying about being someone who’s into dudes. They tend to have these weird habits, like sexting things you really don’t want to see, or disappearing for days at a time and then reappearing out of nowhere. Yes, #NotAllMen and all that, but let’s be real: dating guys is a struggle, and sometimes it’s a struggle we need to laugh at. Enter Tumblr.

After years of spending significant amounts of time on Tumblr, I can confidentially say that most users seem to, uh, hate men. A lot. This isn’t ideal – you shouldn’t hate any group of people simple because of one identifying factor, that’s wrong – but it does make for some funny Internet content. After all, how can girls bond if we can’t bond over the annoying things done by the men in our lives, you know? So, let’s all sit and enjoy these hilarious Tumblr posts and memes that you will only really understand if you’re a girl who dates guys. I bet you can relate to at least half of them!

1. What they REALLY mean when they beg for a chance:



2. Because the right one NEVER likes you back:



3. When you accidentally send a suggestive text and you know they’re going to think you want to sext:



4. When you try to act cool about a text:



5. When he treats you badly but for some reason you can’t let go:



6. Ah, yes. Classic:



7. Your best advice to anyone who dates dudes:



8. When they start to ghost you:



9. When you have to act strong because he’s acting like a jerk:



10. You jumping to conclusions:



11. You after sexting too hard:



12. We are all this statue:



13. Basically what every single guy asks for:



14. Why are unsolicited dick pics so popular?



15. Same:



16. The only way you can meet anyone:



17. Pretty accurate:



18. When literally everything reminds you of your frustration with men.



19. LOL find the lie:



20. When you literally don’t trust anyone:



21. Just being petty AF:



22. A rare photo of you:


Which one of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? How do you feel about dating guys? Let us know in the comments.

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