7 Types Of Underwear You Need To Throw Out Right Now

I had a grim realization this past weekend when I was doing laundry: I have over 40 pairs of underwear, and a fair portion of them are either uncomfortable, falling apart, or have become designated period panties. And yet, as I threw them in my dresser drawer, I did that thing where I start rationalizing the fact that I still have underwear with holes in them or underwear that makes my butt feel like it’s dying. Also, I’m not going to lie: I feel a little sad whenever I throw out underwear. It’s like throwing away a very intimate friend who has been around through…thick and thin? It becomes even harder to throw them out when they’re actually a pretty pair of undies and not just some plain one you bought in bulk that one time at Target when you were too lazy to just do your laundry.

But yo, enough is enough: There are just some pairs of underwear that should no longer take up residence in your underwear drawer. It’s time to organize an underwear funeral. Make a coffin out of an old shoe box, throw in these seven types of underwear you need to get rid of, and light it on fire. Or, you can always not light it on fire, but come on, we all know that’s a lot more fun.

The Undies That Just Don't Fit Anymore

Maybe you've gained weight, maybe you've lost weight, maybe the dryer shrunk the hell out of them. but whatever the reason, the jig is up: These undies just don't fit you anymore, and it's time to keep it moving. Admit it, you avoid wearing them half the time anyway, and when you do, you instantly regret it and feel like you're in constant wedgie mode. Seriously, your vagina will thank you if you throw them in the trash where they belong.


The Undies With The Elastic Living On Its Last Breath

You know the ones, the underwear that is otherwise just fine except for the fact that the elastic is starting to give out or unravel. Hey, the straps of that rhinestone thong can't live forever. Once they start becoming harder to wear, it's time to throw them out.


The Undies With The Period Stains

Listen, it's totally okay to have a few pairs of underwear with menstrual stains on them. We all have 'em, and yeah, they can be really useful during that time of the month. But if this describes more than a few pairs of underwear, it's time to start throwing out a few of 'em...or just start wearing black undies exclusively during your period month.

My Mad Fat Diary

The Undies You've Just Straight Up Outgrown/Never Wear

Maybe you always pass over it when you're rummaging through your undies in the morning. Maybe you're just unenthused about them. Maybe you've outgrown them and have since moved on from underwear that has biting commentary on the backside, or cherry prints. Whatever the reason, maybe it's time to move on and throw 'em out. If you're not wearing them anymore, they're just taking up useful underwear space. They've had their time, now it's time to put them into retirement.

Dolls Kill

The Undies With The Hole In 'Em

We've all been there. First, the hole is small and we ignore it, because hey, it happens, and maybe it's a pair of undies that you're fond of wearing. Well, after a couple of washes and a few more wears, that hole is massive. I know you have a pair in your underwear drawer matching that description, dude. What are you doing? Throw 'em out! I say this as someone who is guilty of this myself, by the way, but we've all got to come clean.


The Undies That Don't Match Well With Your Clothes

Sometimes, underwear is about practicality above all else. If you wear skinny jeans all the time, hate visible panty line, yet only seen to own undies that show off your panty line like no other, chuck 'em. If you mostly wear skirts and dresses and don't like your bottom to feel super exposed, why is most of your underwear drawer full of thongs? Get practical and purge what you've got to.

That '70s Show

The Undies That Lack Cotton

If you've got a vagina, know this: That baby needs to breathe. It can't breathe when it is covered in unbreathable fabrics like silk, satin, acrylic, polyester, etc. You can get away with undies that at least have a cotton crotch interior and a non-breathable material on the outside, but nothing beats 100 percent cotton undies. If you keep wearing fabrics that aren't breathable, don't be surprised if you end up with a yeast infection.


Be honest: How many things on this list accurately describes the current state of your underwear drawer? Tell us in the comments!

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