8 Signs Your Parents Are Actually More Immature Than You

Your parents are the authoritative figures in your family–or, at least, they’re supposed to be. These grown adults have everything figured out and behave accordingly, right? You could be wrong. Maturity isn’t always guaranteed when it comes to your parents. In fact, it might not be there at all. Parents can still be totally immature and come up short when it comes to things like emotional intelligence and empathy, even though they love you and constantly harp on how you’re the center of their world. They could (and probably do) love you more than anything else on the planet! This, however, might not be enough to stop some adults from behaving like straight-up kids.

Ever feel like you have to parent your parents? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about. People of any age can act childish. We all don’t magically evolve into articulate, compassionate citizens of the world upon turning eighteen or as soon as we get married or have a child. These major life events can wind up having the reverse effect on parents and actually prevent them from being as grown up as you think they should be. There’s not much to do about it other than attempting a rational conversation, but even then, if you’re the more mature counterpart, you know how fruitless and exhausting that can be. These are eight signs your parents are actually  more immature than you.



Do your parents act this way? How do you handle it? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Being mature is all relative. And different parents parent differently. What one parent may allow isn’t what another parent allows….

    My parents aren’t immature (well, except for my dad, but only a little), instead they are like a combination of a cool, permissive parent, and also with a sprinkle of bossy, authoritarian parenting, but mostly an assertive, authoritative parenting.

    They aren’t univolved (instead they’re over-involved!) but they love me no matter what, which is important!