7 Little Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your First Kiss

If you haven’t had your first kiss yet, chances are good that you’ve spent a certain amount of your free time trying to figure out how you can prepare for said first kiss. Maybe you talk about it with your friends at sleepovers. Perhaps you practice on your stuffed animals or the heel of your hand. Maybe you watch every first kiss in every movie ever in the hopes that, when your time comes, you’ll be able to echo what you see.

Now, full disclosure–there’s a pretty hard limit on how much you can actually prepare in terms of your first kiss. You can make out with your stuffed animals or the heel of your hand all you want, but when the moment for your first kiss actually comes, it’s likely that any, ahem, dry runs you’ve done before won’t really stick. Instead, you’re just sort of going to have to wing it. (And, for the record, this is fine! First kisses aren’t as big a deal as you probably think.) Still, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself on a mental level at least. So, if you simply must be prepared for all things, check out these little things you can do to prepare for your first kiss:

Keep Up Your Oral Hygiene

This sounds a little silly, and, in a way, it is. The reason you brush your teeth twice a day (hopefully) shouldn't be in anticipation of a kiss that might happen sometime soon, but rather to prevent, like, gingivitis and tooth decay. Still, maintaining good oral hygiene can help you feel more confident, since walking into a situation knowing that your teeth look good and your breath doesn't reek should minimize any self-consciousness you might have. This, in turn, will help you feel more confident when your first kiss is about to happen.

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Carry Mints Around With You

Even if you're a flossing and brushing champion, it doesn't hurt to have a little extra reinforcements. So, if you're super worried about having your first kiss right after you eat an onion bagel with lox on it, or something, just make sure you always have some mints in your bag. Don't chew gum, since this can actually make bad breath worse if you pop a stick in your mouth after eating. (And, if your first kiss ends up happening at a moment when you're convinced you have bad breath, don't sweat it--I can almost guarantee that you partner doesn't care. The mints are for you, so you feel more confident going into the kiss.)

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Make Sure Your Lips Are Hydrated

This is another tip that's more for you than the person you're going to kiss--they probably won't notice if your lips are a little chapped, but it will make you feel more comfortable and prepared if your lips are well-taken care of. So, drink a lot of water. Make sure you have balm with you whenever you can. Do some lip exfoliation if you're feeling extra crazy. Basically, if you feel good about your lips, you'll feel more comfortable about going in for a kiss.

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Know The Cues For When Someone Is About To Kiss You

One of the hardest parts of your first kiss is knowing how to tell when it's about to happen. Hopefully, your partner won't just lunge at you and plant their lips on yours (which would be incredibly rude and does not take consent into account, like, at all), so you'll probably have a few signs to look out for. Usually, people who are trying to go in for a kiss make a lot of eye contact, have their body angled towards you, or look at your lips. Obviously, everyone is different and has different cues for things, and if you're about to have your first kiss, you might be feeling too nerve-y to really pay attention to exactly how much someone is angling their body towards you, but it's worth knowing about just in case you want some things to look out for.

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Know That There's No "Right" Way To Have A First Kiss

Your first kiss could be a two-second peck. It could be a long, extended makeout. It could be a closed-mouth kiss that turns into a French kiss that makes you panic and accidentally bite their tongue. It could be anywhere in the vicinity of any of those things. So, if you're panicking about having a "perfect" first kiss, don't--there is no such thing as a perfect first kiss, so anything that you end up doing is totally fine, even if it feels super embarrassing or awkward at the time. Everything is copy!

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Remember To Pace Yourself

For your first kiss, you probably don't want to get right into an intense tongue-grappling French kiss. Instead, start slow--remember to keep your mouth closed for a few seconds, and absolutely do not stick your tongue down their throat right way. Try to follow your partner's cues--if you feel them opening their mouth a little bit, and you feel comfortable with it, feel free to follow suit. (If you don't feel comfortable with it, just pull away from the kiss. It's no big deal!)

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Don't Overthink It

Chances are good that, no matter how much you practice, your first kiss isn't going to go exactly as planned. Your teeth might crash. You might have some unexpected tongue action going on. You might not be kissing the one person you always planned on having as your first kiss. This is fine! Your first kiss isn't supposed to be perfect. It can be special, of course--doing anything for the first time is pretty exciting--but you don't have to put pressure on yourself to make it feel more special to you in the moment than it actually is. The best way to ensure that you have a good first kiss experience is to go in with no expectations. Don't anticipate that it'll be terrible, obviously (this will basically ensure that it is, in fact, terrible) but don't expect for you and your partner to immediately be kissing rockstars. So, if you know your first kiss is about to happen, just relax! This is easier said than done, it is true, but worth trying all the same.

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Have you had your first kiss yet? Do you have any tips for preparing for it? Let us know in the comments!

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