20 Hilarious Memes You’ll Only Understand If You’re In College

Being in college is a privilege. If you are someone who happens to be in college–or, to a certain extent, are headed to college or have ever been in college–this is something you will almost certainly know to be true. It’s a privilege to have an on-campus library. It’s a privilege to have professors who have office hours, (sometimes) and may even take an interest in your personal and academic future every once in a while. It’s a privilege to pay money (a lot of money) to study at one institution for roughly four years and have your only tangible reward be a very fancy piece of paper.

But if you are in college, you will also know that, a lot of the time, being there doesn’t always feel like a privilege. Maybe it’s the constant, unending stress of deadlines that always seem to land on the same exact day, or the slop that they serve in the dining hall, or the fact that everyone around you is always procrastinating so you feel like you need to procrastinate, too, or the fact that you know that getting a college education is a real and true blessing, but oyu just can’t bring yourself to be thankful for it every day.  College is hard! a So, check out these memes that, if you’re in college, will definitely make you laugh. Or cry. Or, uh, something. Anyway, check ’em out:

1. The rudest thing that could ever happen on the first day of class:



2. I MEAN:


3. The only appropriate reactions:



4. Hope you’re on the dining plan!

Broken ???? #universitystruggles

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5. Or that your parents visit occasionally!


6. Basically!


7. Faking your own kidnapping to cover up for supbar grades? I DON’T KNOW, MAN, IT’S TEMPTING!



8. This one goes out to all my Hamilton-heads:



9. And this one…physically pains me:

I…….. how did I not make this…….. cc: every dude at reed (repost @phlegmiest)

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10. HAHAHAHA (but, like, don’t do this–you can get expelled for plagiarism):



11. The ultimate university power move:



12. And the ultimate university equalizer:



13. Welp:


14. *Laughs* *cries*


15. Who can’t relate?


16. When you’re putting those finishing touches on the essay that’s worth 40% of your final grade and trying not to have an emotional breakdown:


17. The accuracy!!

18. Equally accurate:



19. Same:



20. Bye!


Are you in college? What do you think about these memes? Let us know in the comments!

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