8 Types Of Guys You Should Always Avoid, Period

I think that we all have a general idea of the type of guys we should stay away from. The cynical part of me is saying, “Girl, stay away from all of them” but hey, let me not be snarky for once. We all know by now–I hope–to stay away from a friend’s ex. We all know to avoid people we know are chronic cheaters. We know to stay away from that Nice Guy™, the bad boy, and that ex you still kind of sort of have feelings for. We’re all on the same page here. But there are plenty of other types of guys you need to look out for too…and avoid like the plague.

These guys can be a little tougher to uncover; some if their most glaring flaws are only on show part time, or they seem harmless until you get to know them better. But just because they aren’t walking around with massive PLAYER or F**KBOY stamps on their foreheads doesn’t make them less of a disaster to deal with. So, get ready and make sure you avoid these eight types of guys at all costs. No ifs, ands, or buts, guys. Repeat after me: AVOID.

The Dude Who Is Always Ready For An Intellectual Pissing Contest

Intelligence is attractive, period. Who doesn't want to date a smart guy? But please, do yourself a favor and run away as fast as your legs can take you if you're talking to a dude who is a straight up snob. You know the type, he thinks he's unique for reading old literature, he's always trying to get into little debates with you that just make him look super well read and leave you feeling foolish, and he thinks he's the only person in the universe who has read Marx. Sure, it can be fun to have someone you can get into harmless tiffs with, but this guy gets off to making you look dumb so he can feel smart, and that's...not a good look.


The Dude Who Likes To Troll For Fun

This is a guy who insists that there are two worlds: The internet world and the real world, and what you say and do on the internet world doesn't matter because it can't be taken seriously. This is a guy who will have fun trolling by saying the most egregious sexist, racist, homophobic, etc kind of stuff, just to get a rise out of people. Honestly, this dude will claim it's all jokes, but deep down he probably believes the same nastiness he spews online. Make sure he doesn't have a bunch of Pepe memes saved to his phone; that's a sign to GTFO and never even bother interacting with this guy again.

The Inbetweeners

The Entitled Rich Dude Who Treats The World As His Playground

Think a Jay Alvarrez, or a Logan from Gilmore Girls. This guy might be charming, but he's also clueless and doesn't really think rules apply to him. Sure, maybe he's not jumping out of planes or taking shameless pics of his abs, but if you get an inkling that this guy just doesn't have much respect for anyone who isn't on his level...bye! Yes, even if he treats you well, it's probably time to say bye. If you can't give him up, at least don't hesitate to call him out when he's extra AF.

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A Guy Who Is Low Key Invested In Men's Rights

Whether he's an active MRA (men's rights activist), or he just lurks in the red pill areas of the internet (AKA, sections of the internet dominated by men who claim society is out to hurt/emasculate men and must be resisted because they're biologically and socially superior to women), or he just doesn't really "get" feminism, this is a dude who flat out doesn't respect women and expects you to hold a subservient position in your relationship. That sounds intense, I know, but I'm telling you. These guys feel entitled to women's affection and also feel intimidated by the very idea of women having power over them. Do yourself a favor and avoid this dude who probably spends too much time hanging out in the worst sections of Reddit.

Pretty In Pink

The 'U Up?' Guy

He's the guy you have a soft spot for, even when he's being a little hot and cold. But when he ends up mostly being that guy who sends you a "u up?" text at 1 AM, you need to be on high alert, especially if you expect this guy to be anywhere near boyfriend material. Listen, if he's not treating you like a girlfriend and only wants you for one thing, why humor it?


The Performative Woke Dude

Whether he's really intent on making sure you know he's a feminist, or he goes out of his way to call you queen, this dude claims he's woke, and maybe he is a little bit! But he makes his wokeness known in the most obnoxious ways. Sometimes the best allies are people who are supportive of important causes without expecting to receive attention because of it. Beware of dudes who seem equally invested in letting you know that they're a feminist as they are in hooking up. Avoid dudes who claim to be woke on certain issues but show their asses by how un-woke they are about others; you can't think Black Lives Matter while talking smack about trans people. Why? There are black trans people out there who matter too. Opt for a guy who believes in important causes without being a show off about it; they'll embarrass themselves sooner or later.

School Daze

The Guy Who Just Broke Up With A Long Term Partner And Swears He's Okay

The thing about this guy is that he might actually have perfectly good intentions. He wants to move on, and he just might want to move on to you. But please, be cautious or just avoid entirely, because if he just got out of a relationship that was pretty long term, he might say he's chill about it now, but is he really? Probably not, honestly. Dude is probably still checking her Instagram, looking back at old texts, and maybe even crying a little bit. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, it can take some time to heal...but you probably shouldn't waste your time.


The Guy Who Doesn't Do Labels

A guy who tries to let you down gently by insisting he doesn't do labels on principle is a dude who is masking his fear of commitment with a chiller than thou exterior. Don't assume that you're asking too much if you and this guy have chemistry and you want things to actually go somewhere. You're really not. He's just a coward. Of course, he's not entitled to date you, but you're still better off avoiding guys who just have zero interest in committing. You can obviously try to wiggle a relationship out of him,but why waste your emotional labor when there are guys out there who probably do want to date you.


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  • Irma Grese

    Why would anyone ever want to be with a feminist?

  • Personally, the type of guy I’d avoid are

    1. Complete imbeciles

    2. Guys with no life


    3. A combination of both….

    I actually like the really smart guys. They make me feel anything’s possible if you put your mind to it!