10 Random Guy Things Girls Will Never Understand

Out of all of the modern mysteries in the word (aliens, ghosts, Justin Bieber’s lizard form), the male brain is, in my humble and very non-male opinion, the most confusing thing on this planet that we, as a human species, will never fully understand. No offense, men, but your brains are complicated and frustrating to deal with. Most of the time, us non-men don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. There are some things that, no matter how hard you try to explain it, we will never truly understand. It’s neither the male or female’s fault, it’s just the way it is. SORRY.

But, even as a woman, I have to admit that we try so hard to know everything and anything that is going on in out male friend’s brains. Unfortunately, some concepts we just don’t fully grasp, because, like I said, we are blessed with non-male brains  just different. A quick thing to note here is that, yes, it is 2017 and gender is basically non-existent, but for people who identify as male, they go through things that we might never be able to experience. Recently, I found this very interesting Reddit thread entitled, “Guys of reddit, what is something that no matter how much you explain, girls will never understand?” Which led to a lot of interesting/ weird responses from men that I didn’t expect to ever hear, but am glad I did, so that I can share them with you. Check them out.

They Are (Probably) Listening

HM, I mean, this is up to debate, but this Reddit user says that even if a guy doesn't look like he's listening, he is. Thndrstrk said, "I'm listening, just don't have anything to add to the conversation." I mean, men are not OBVIOUSLY listening all the time, or else they would actually listen to our advice, right? Either way, they are "supposedly" listening. IDK.

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They Don't Talk About Your Vagina

Ghazi_ said, "In my experience, I've never chatted with the guys about my SO's vagina. The fact that my ex had in depth conversations with her work friends regarding my penis is weird." This is implying that girls talk about penises all the time which is, at least amongst my friend group, not entirely accurate but, you know, this is good to know.

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Their Boners Are Uncontrollable

I'm sure we have ALL experienced those, uh, awkward encounters, but they don't always mean a guy is trying to have sex. UredditMe said, "Boner doesn't equal horny. And just because you seen my hard dick and want to have sex now, doesn't mean I want to have sex. It's just blood in my dick doing stuff to my muscles."

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Gettin Hit In The Balls Is Painful

Hobnobbinbobthegob said, "Ball pain. It's not so much the magnitude, as I'm sure it's not actually worse than something like childbirth. It's more the manifestation. If you get kicked in the head, your head hurts.If you get kicked in the balls, your balls hurt... but then the pain like, migrates through you, into your guts, and face and head." I never really doubted this one, TBH. That seems...painful.

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Their Friendships Are Weird AF

Shawshankexception said, "I can go weeks without going out with my friends and our friendship doesn't get strained." I CANNOT RELATE. This must be why guys have a hard time committing to relationships, right? Whatever.

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They Are...Confused

Aussiaesop said, "We don't know what you want unless you tell us. Romantically, sexually, emotionally, physically, hungerally, etc. Just...like, direct us a little bit." "Hungerally" isn't a word, but you get what they mean, right? You shouldn't assume they know what you're thinking. Guys ALSO shouldn't assume that you know what they're thinking, but thats a conversation for a different post.

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They Don't Understand Fashion

TheRealHooks said, "I have no idea what any of your outfits or articles of clothing will look like on you unless I'm actually seeing you in it. When you ask what I think of that dress and I say, "I have no idea", I have no idea. It looks like a dress." To be fair, your guy probably won't know what an off-the-shoulder sheer dress will look like until you actually put it on. Clothes are weird, guys.

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They Don't Think A Lot

Not in a bad way, but they might just not have anything on their minds. I, for one, can't relate since I am always thinking of at least 77 different things, but this user said it's a little simpler than that. TheObnoxiousCamoToe said, "When you ask me what I'm thinking about, and I say, 'nothing much', it doesn't mean I'm upset. It literally means I'm not thinking of much."

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The Nod

Vallie24 said, "The Nod. Downwards for respect. Upwards if you know them." How does every guy know this??

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They Get Over Things Quickly

Note: I do not condone violence here, but user -gregthegreat- says that even when guys are violent, they are super ~chill~ about it afterwards. He says, "The ability for two guys to get into a fight and nearly immediately after become friends. There's a bond that gets built from punching someone in the face." I'm not sure if that is healthy (I'm pretty sure it's not) but using your words might be a little more proactive, IMO.

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