Quiz: What Spring Fashion Trend Should You Try?

Even though it might not feel like it, it actually is spring right now. I know that when I think of spring, I think of sundresses and strappy sandals, but we haven’t gotten to that point yet, which is okay. What you need to remember is that we will eventually get to that point, which means you have to start trying out the new spring trends, like, right now. You don’t want april to come around and still be wearing velvet dresses, am I right? Those are SO January 2016, IMO.


Kidding aside, it’s a good idea to start looking at what trends will be popular this spring so that you can be the trendiest one of your friends. But, with all of the weird and random fashion trends that will be big this year, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you in particular. Should you be rocking the fishnets under jeans? Or stick to something more classy, like a statement sleeve? Do you even KNOW what trends will be big this year? Try not to panic, and take this quiz that will tell you exactly which spring 2017 fashion look you need to try.

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