9 Pro-Tips For Making Heels Suck Way Less

No matter how much you love high heels, you probably have a love/hate relationship with them. What does this mean? You probably pick out your favorite heels to wear with an outfit knowing full well that three hours into wearing them, you’re going to feel like your feet are going to fall off. Heels can totally suck, but thankfully, there are little ways to make them suck way less. They look so pretty and they go well with so many things–why do they suck so much to walk in, stand in, go up stairs in, do pretty much anything except look cute when you’re sitting down in them?

Even if you always wear sneakers, chances are, you probably own at least one pair of heels and they’re just sort of sitting there because you haven’t figured out how to turn them from torture devices into shoes you actually enjoy wearing. This is not to say that these pro-tips are going to make heels like walking on a cloud – high heels are still high heels – but this might make them slightly more comfortable. No more carrying emergency flats or worse, walking around barefoot with your heels in your hand. Not knowing how to walk in heels or faltering can be totally embarrassing, so save yourself from that kind of anxiety and take it from us: these are nine pro-tips that are sure to make high heels suck less than they already do.

Do you use any of these hacks already? Do you have some pro-tips of your own to share? Or are you totally anti-heels no matter what? Let us know in the comments!

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  • When I “model” heels in the store, I always look ridiculous… And I want to buy heels one day, and this article helps me not look ridiculous all the time in heels!