7 Girls Share Their First Sexual Experience With A Girl

We talk a lot about first times here at Gurl. And, for good reason: it can be scary, awkward, or even just bad. Whether you’re having sex with your partner, or just fooling around with someone new, it can be quite intense. But what about hooking up with a girl? That can be a whole different experience. And, it can be terrifying do ing it for the first time. It’s uncharted territory, which can add a lot of pressure.

Luckily for you, the girls from our boards love sharing the details of any and every sexual encounter they have. (Sidenote: if you ever have sex questions, feel free to stop by our boards for advice from real girls who can help you out.) But, anyway, recently,  user jessiesexygirl came to our boards hoping to get some other girl’s stories on hooking up with girls for the first time. She said, “What was your first sexual experience with another girl and at what age?” It’s normal to be curious about other people’s sex lives, since they are so private and mysterious. It’s even more normal to want to hear about girls having sex with other girls, so that you don’t feel weird for fantasizing about kissing girls. It really is normal to think about other girls in a sexual way. If you’re curious, take a look at what these girls said about the first time they hooked up with another girl.

It Was At A Sleepover

First, Jessysexygirl answered her own question by telling the story of her and her friend at a sleepover. She said, "I was 13 and it was at a sleepover. We talked about a number of sexual things and got on to the subject of masturbation (favourite ways, how old first time etc). We both got so turned on, the covers disappeared and hands went inside (our own) panties and we masturbated side by side. Needless to say this led to other things at future sleepovers."

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They Masturbated Together

Apparently, starting at a sleepover is the thing to do, since binudistgurl had a similar story. She said, "I started the same way years ago... and masturbating together was just the kick-off for lots of fun." It makes sense, since masturbating is something you are probably used to doing, and doing it with someone else isn't as scary as just having sex.

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They Started Watching Porn

AGAIN at a sleepover. But it makes sense. Spartan19 said, "I was 14 with a friend...at a sleepover one night, we turned the tv to softcore porn and ended up masturbating to it. When we went to bed, we watched hardcore porn on her laptop." This user used porn to help her hookup with a girl, which might help "break the ice."

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They Started Making Out

User Talia2009 went one step further with her friend. She said, "I've loved being naked as much as possible. I sleep naked every night (except during my period, and even then I'm topless), so whenever my bff and I would have sleepovers, obviously I'd be naked and it didn't take too long to convince her to lose her PJs. At our first sleepover after my first orgasm I told her about it and she told me she'd been masturbating for a few months at that point but hadn't told me! We masturbated together that night, playing footsies and something about being naked with her, hearing her moan, feeling her bare feet on my bare feet, it just overcame me, and I rolled over and kissed her. I didn't understand why I just wanted to. We wound up making out and masturbating all night that night. We said we were 'practicing making out' for future boyfriends but I was really enjoying it as an experience and not just a lesson."

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Had A Threesome

If you're comfortable enough to have a threesome, you can do what this girl did and have sex with two people at once. Whatitdobabyboo said, " Me and my boyfriend had a threesome with a girl and that was the first time I did more to a girl than makeout with her. I fingered her and kissed her body and gropped her. The whole experience was made better since my boyfriend was pleasuring both of us at the same time. I really want to have another one again lol. But not just a hookup. I want an actual relationship with the girl also."

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They Started Young

Some girls start hooking up with other girlswhen they are younger, like NatureGirl, who started doing masturbating with other girls at 10 years old and still does it to this day. She said, "It was when my friends and I were around 10ish on a sleepover, And we still masturbate together."

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They Are Waiting

If you haven't had a sexual experience with a girl, that's fine too! User Danasi said, "Never had it, but it would be nice :)" You totally don't have to do anything before you are ready, and should never feel pressured to do things just because other girls are.

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What has your experience been? Tell us in the comments!

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