7 Signs Your Crush Likes Someone Else

Have a crush on someone right now? Chances are, you do. Having a crush on someone is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Still, I wouldn’t recommend it, personally. It can be fun sometimes, of course, in the sense that cliff jumping and drag racing can be fun, but more often than not, having a crush is pretty painful. It usually means spending significant amounts of time thinking about them, torturing yourself with thoughts as to whether or not they do or don’t like you, and most importantly, why they may or may not like you.

And, unfortunately, sometimes you might find out that your crush doesn’t like you back. In fact, you could find out that they like someone else entirely, which is always bound to suck in at least some sense. (Nobody wants to be rejected! I won’t speak for everyone, but I get mad if I find out that someone I have literally no interest in doesn’t like me!) And depending on your level of investment and interest in said crush, it can sometimes really suck. No one is denying that. But you know what? You can get through it. The first step is finding out for sure. So, check out these signs that your crush likes someone else:

They Always Talk To You--About Someone Else

So, you and your crush hang out all the time. The only problem is that whenever you hang out, they talk to you about someone else--probably someone that you're both friends with--and how you think they should get with them. This is a pretty clear sign that they like this other person, and it sucks, but it happens. On the plus side, this means that they genuinely value your opinion and guidance, so try to just enjoy your friendship for what it is. In the long run, a friendship will probably last longer, anyway.

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They Show Up To Events If One Particular Person Is There

Too Pay attention to when you see your crush in social settings. Is it all the time? Or is it pretty much only when one other person is there, too? If it's the latter, this probably means that they have a crush on that other person.

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And They Gravitate Towards That Person At Said Event

If they're also following around this other person like a puppy whenever they're around them, well, you probably already know what I'm about to say. They like this person. This isn't always necessarily the case--maybe they're just really good friends!--but if it seems like there's flirting going on rather than friendly talking, this is a pretty good time to move on.

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They Become More Distant With You

Maybe you and your crush definitely had a burgeoning thing going on before. Like, you hadn't hooked up or anything, but there was a lot of flirting happening, and you talked all the time. Then, suddenly, their communication dropped off. You still talk every now and then, but it's definitely not the way it was before. What gives? Chances are good that they've moved on--and, either way, you're better off. You don't want to be with someone who would drop you like that, anyway! Still, if you need some closure, you can just ask--the worst thing they can say is that they don't like you.

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You See Them Flirting With Other People Online

I am not an advocate for lurking. I mean, we all do it from time to time, but switching over to the "following activity" tab on Instagram is pretty much guaranteed to only bring you pain. But sometimes, you might see some flirting going on right before your very eyes--they're commenting on another person's Instagrams. Replying to their tweets. Liking all their Facebook pictures. You get the idea. This is obviously not to say that if you see your crush like someone else's picture once, they don't like you--lots of people like lots of pictures and it doesn't always mean something--but if you see a lot of it happening on your feeds, and they also stopped liking your pictures as much, this is as good a sign as any that they like someone else.

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They Aren't Really Present When They're With You

If they're always fooling around on their phone and don't really seem to be on their A-game when you hang out, chances are, they probably aren't totally on their A-game--they probably see you as more of a friend. They probably see you as a good friend, it is true (they're clearly comfortable around you) but it's a pretty good sign that they don't feel a need to perform around around you.

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They Tell You (Because You Ask)

You can do a lot of sleuthing and internal debate with yourself trying to figure out if your crush likes someone else and, chances are, you'll never actually come to a real conclusion. This is a lot of emotional labor that, quite frankly, is not worth it. So, if you can work up the courage, ask them if they like someone else. (Or get someone else to do it.) You'll never know for sure until you get a straight answer from them, and while it can be stressful and potentially very disappointing, it's better to know for sure. This way, even if it's bad news, you can know that you did you best and move on.

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Have you ever had a crush who likes someone else? Let us know in the comments!

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