15 Easy Upgrades To Make Your Bedroom Look More Mature

If you’ve lived in your house for longer than ten years, you probably feel like your bedroom is a little bit childish. Honestly, no one blames you. You’ve been living in there since you were a child and your bedroom probably doesn’t feel quite as grown up as you do on the inside. Even if you don’t want to live in this room for any longer than it takes you to graduate high school, it’s definitely worth giving your bedroom a more mature makeover. I definitely dragged my feet on this in middle school and high school and hated having friends over (never mind anyone I wanted to hook up with) due to the overwhelming clutter and babyish carousel wallpaper. So yeah, even though only sounds like a small thing, upgrading your bedroom can actually be a lifestyle changing move that can impact more than you think. You know what I’m talking about if you also have an embarrassing bedroom. Tick tock, y’all. Time to upgrade!

Having a mature person’s bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be completely neutral and stodgy. You’re still young, in the grand scheme of things, so you should still keep your sense of humor and style. If you like bold, bright colors – great! Keep ’em. In fact, you don’t even have to do all that much to change everything–bedroom upgrades seem intense and expensive, especially on those home-makeover shows, so how do you get a new room without completely scrapping it and getting all new everything? Pretty easily, actually. If you try any of these 15 easy upgrades to make your bedroom look more mature, you’ll be well on your way to having a space of your own.


1) Get a bigger bed!

Remember on SNL when the cast started singing about doing it in a twin bed? Exactly, you guys. Nothing says you’re grown quite like having a bed that’s designed to sleep two people and/or someone taller than four feet. Even if you upgrade to an XL twin – which is what you’ll be given in college, by the way – you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

2) Switch out your duvet cover for something more grown up.

Again, it doesn’t have to be neutral or boring. Pick out something that truly reflects what you like. Even if you have a comforter and not a duvet, duvet covers can slip right over and are usually pretty cheap, so it can look like you have all new bedding without dropping some serious coin on this upgrade.

3) Change the paint in your room.

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Literally, whatever the paint upgrade, you’ll feel a lot better. Even if it’s all pastel pink, there’s a whole elite Fancy Woman social club in New York City (pictured) that’s no joke decked out in baby pink and still looks chic AF. If that’s your taste, go for it. Do whatever you feel in your heart and you’ll be happy, trust me.

4) Or you can even create a statement wall with stencils, a complimentary color block, gallery wall – whatever!

Who said you had to do the same thing with all four walls of your room? Accent walls for life!

5) If you’re still into wallpaper, who says that it has to be just for kids? Upgrade yours for something a little more sophisticated.

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Wallpaper gets a bad rap, but can be totally cute and pull a whole room together.

6) Give your old childhood faves a more grown up twist while you’re at it.

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If you love Disney but low-key want to get rid of all the Mickey Mouse paraphernalia you’ve collected but not TOTALLY lose the mouse from your room? No problem. There’s usually some artist on Etsy that makes updated childhood nostalgia art pieces. Get yourself an upgrade!

7) Take your old bedroom furniture and spruce it up.

Furniture is expensive. So, take what you’ve already got and flip it! Some new paint paint and fancy knobs and your drawers will look like you got them from Anthropologie. No one ever has to know.

8) Pick out some art you love and start hanging it.

This doesn’t exclusively have to be all on your wall. This includes things that sit on your dresser, throw pillows, whatever’s in your room just because it looks cool, not because you have any specific use for it. Get yourself some art!

9) Pull your room together with an area rug.

For your whole room to look like it’s got a whole makeover, you’re going to want to incorporate flooring into this. It doesn’t have to be hardwood floors or new carpeting, but a simple area rug will do to give your whole room a much needed sprucing up.

10) Have an extra piece of sit-able furniture.

Hanging out in your room isn’t like hanging out in your living room where you have tons of sitting options. If you aren’t sitting on your bed, where are you sitting? Get an accent chair, a bench you store your shoes under, or even a non-cheesy bean bag in case you want to have people over.

11) Add a plant.

Don’t ask me how or why, but adding a random succulent is the hack all grown ups know to make it look like you’ve got your life together. They survive basically anywhere, require the least amount of maintenance, and are basically impossible to kill. Also, they’re probably three dollars at Home Depot. Get you some.

12) Incorporate different kinds of lighting.

You probably all have overhead lighting. Get a small nightstand reading light or some string lights to give your room some diversity in lighting options. You’d be surprised how lighting can totally transform a room, not to mention how cute some of these reading lamps are.

13) Find storage options that are also cute.

Giant piles of stuff or random filing cabinets? Not that cute. You can make your jewelry storage basically look like an art piece if you do it right! If you’re clueless as to what to get, make a giant pile of everything you want to keep and wish you had a spot for, then section them off into stuff that might go together, and think of how you might want to store them.

14) Get rid of absolutely everything you don’t need.

The true hallmark of a childhood bedroom is that it’s also a time capsule for your life since preschool. None of you are in preschool anymore. Get rid of things you don’t use or appreciate in your everyday life. Put them in storage in your attic if you don’t want to totally purge it, but get it all out of your room.

15) Keep it clean.

Living in your childhood bedroom doesn’t mean you have to deal with childhood mess. You’re going to feel even more like a kid if your mom has to constantly remind you to clean your room. So, be mature and clean it on your own. Honestly, it’ll be way easier if you get rid of most of the stuff you don’t need anymore.

Do you feel like you have an awesome bedroom? Or do you still have the same wallpaper up since you were five? Do you need an update? Let us know in the comments!

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