7 Cold Hard Truths About Vaginal Discharge

In a world where free bleeding in protest causes uproar, it still feels safe to say that vaginal discharge is more taboo. Yes, more taboo than literal menstrual blood. Why? Because nobody talks about it and nobody learns about it. Seriously, do you remember going over cervical mucus when you were learning about puberty in 5th grade? Nope, because it was never mentioned.

So is it surprising that this lack of education and normalization (or even uttering) of vaginal discharge leads to an entire generation of vagina-owning individuals to wonder WTF is going on in their underwear at the end of the day? Again, nope! You might know what vaginal discharge is, and know that unless theres a weird smell or texture going on, it’s totally normal. But I think that even with this knowledge, there’s still an awkwardness about discussing the realities of discharge, and we really need to cut it out. So to start on the long journey of normalizing discharge talk, let’s cover these seven cold hard truths about vaginal discharge. Yeah, you’re not the only one who has to deal with crusty undies. Trust.

You Can't Do Much to Change The Amount You Produce

Sure, discharge can alter due to hormonal responses, stress, where you are in your menstrual cycle, etc. But there are all sorts of people out there who swear that you can dramatically reduce your discharge by, say, drinking water or eating more fruit. Listen: There is no secret way to have less discharge, there just isn't. You can chug water and munch on fruit all day and still have messy undies by noon. You're going to have to learn to deal.


Your Underwear Is Going To Be A Mess At The End Of The Day

Let's. Be. Real. All of us have had to deal with wet undies, undies that look like someone sneezed in them, and undies that end up getting crusty and disgusting. That's...just what happens. Welcome to vaginal discharge, folks! You're going to deal with it for...decades...until you hit menopause and your vagina gets drier than a desert. Until then, accept it and keep it movin,' even if your underwear is less forgiving.


Sometimes It'll Look Funky

Yes, if your discharge smells off or comes out looking like cottage cheese, you probably have a problem you need a doctor to check out. But don't assume that your discharge has to be thin and watery to be normal. Sometimes, normal discharge is thick and sticky. Sometimes, normal discharge is white and creamy. Sometimes, normal discharge leaves a yellowish stain in your undies. These are all normal, even if it looks funky.


You Should Talk To Your Partner About It

If you're dating someone with a penis, chances are they have no idea WTF vaginal discharge is. That means you might be eager to take off your underwear super quickly before they can catch a glimpse of them, or thoroughly tidy up down there before you get hot and heavy. Look, I get it, but consider saving yourself from grief and embarrassment and educate them about your vaginal gunk. It'll save you from a lot of stress in the long run, and there's a high chance that your partner won't give a damn about it anyway.

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There's No Way Of Really Knowing If You Produce Too Much Vaginal Discharge

Here at Gurl we're always getting questions about whether our readers are producing too much discharge or not. The truth is, there's not really much of an answer to that. A lot of discharge in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless you used to produce a lot less of it. Some people just produce a lot of discharge just...because.

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You Might Need To Change Your Lifestyle Around It

If you produce a lot of discharge, you might be suffering big time because, hey, it's uncomfortable AF. You might need to wear multiple pairs of underwear a day or start wearing panty liners. But beware, panty liners can trigger yeast infections for some.


It's Still A Taboo

Like I said in the intro, yeast infections are still SUPER taboo, meaning that even your most daring friend might get squicked out about the topic. But the more you bring it up, the less weirded out people will be. Please, let's try to normalize this topic. There shouldn't be a reason why grown women are afraid of discharge because nobody ever talked to them about it.

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What’s the worst thing about discharge for you? Tell us in the comments!

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