15 Fun Ways To Wear Embroidery Without Looking Like A Grandma

When it comes to fashion, I’m the biggest effing hypocrite. Yes, I’m a big enough person to admit that. I hated turtlenecks for years, but now it’s one of my favorite clothing essentials. I used to hate the fact that wide leg pants were coming into vogue, but now I’m on the lookout for incorporating some wide leg cropped jeans into my wardrobe. And when it comes to embroidery, I always kind of thought it was a little tacky and hokey looking…and yet, here I am, in 2017, low key eyeing embroidered coats and jeans.

To be fair, I still think a lot of embroidery can be hit or miss; there’s a fine line between beautifully intricate and straight up tacky. And honestly, I think that the slow but steady embroidery comeback is trying to make an aesthetic associated with retro styles and grandmas into a cool look is, well, leaning on the idea that corny fashion can look subversive and badass as long as you have over 20,000 Instagram followers. But hey, let’s give this look a shot, why don’t we? If you need some convincing, check out these 15 fun ways to rock embroiderywithout looking like a grandma. Well, unless you do want to look like a grandma.


1. Rock a bold, embroidered illustration that strays away from the traditional floral designs.


2. Rock some embroidery with a big, bold message that really shows off your general mood.


3. Alternatively, wear embroidery with a small message that can only been seen if someone looks a little closer.


4. Go for a DIY-style approach to embroidery with stitched sketches and messages. This Mitski fan sewed Mitski song lyrics onto this collared shirt, and it looks dope.


5. Rock an embroidered coat for old school elegance; you can find some really sweet ones at your local vintage store or a relative’s basement.


6. Cop some embroidered pins to throw onto your favorite jacket. They look great on denim, but they’d look even cooler contrasted against a classic leather jacket.


7. Play around with texture by moving away from traditional embroidery on denim to embroidery on velvet, mesh, and other materials.


8. Give the classic floral embroidery on denim look a try with a cute mini skirt or a pair of wide leg jeans for some retro flavor.


9. Go big or go home with a massive embroidery design on the back of a sweet jacket, like a bomber jacket.


10. Go a little more subtle with embroidery as an accent, like on a back pocket or a blouse’s collar.


11. Go even smaller with a cute lil’ embroidery design on a pair of socks; rock with shoes that really show them off.


12. You won’t have to fear looking like a grandma when you pair embroidery with a see through design like the dress below. 


13. For a look that embraces embroidery without going too over the top, consider an embroidered accent on a pair of shoes; boots look especially killer that way.


14. Rock a cool embroidered purse to embrace the embroidery trend without it overwhelming your personal style.


15. There’s nothing geriatric about a bright, colorful embroidered collage. Get some inspo from the look below.


Do you think you’ll incorporate embroidery into your wardrobe anytime soon? Tell us in the comments!

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