12 Easy Ways To Prevent Your Mascara From Flaking

Mascara is one of those beauty products that, much like a Jaguar (car) or jaguar (animal), tends to come with a with a whole lot of issues. Mascara clumps. It smears. It runs. But the worst mascara issue, I think, might have to be  the one of mascara flaking off.

Flaky mascara is a real doozy of a beauty blunder because, unlike applying the wrong shade of foundation or over-contouring or something, it’s not something that happens right away. Instead, you’ll look in the mirror at school, or work, or wherever you are, hours after you applied it, and find that, at some point during the day, your mascara appears to have given up entirely and decided to leap off from the tip of the lash, leaving a distinctive spider-kiss smudge right underneath your eyes.

This, needless to say, is incredibly rude. It can also feel like a personal attack, particularly if you have spent your hard-earned money on a quarter-ounce tube of black liquid that, at the price it goes for, should really not randomly leave your lashes for any other place on your face whenever it feels like it, you know?

Anyway. This sounds personal, and maybe it is for me. (Don’t buy Tarteist Lash Paint mascara.) But it doesn’t have to be–mascara, no matter how expensive it is, will probably always have a tendency to be a littly flaky. There are, however, some things you can do about it. Check out these ways to prevent your mascara from flaking off here:

1. Make sure you aren’t using old mascara:



One of the most common reasons for flaky mascara is that it’s expired–so, if you’ve had a mascara for more than three months, replace it. This should help stop some of the flaking.


2. Try switching to waterproof mascara:


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Waterproof mascara isn’t for everyone, but if flaking is your main issue, it might be worth looking into a waterproof version. These blends tend to flake less, since coming into contact with any kind of moisture won’t make them break down.


3. Don’t apply mascara to wet lashes:



In the habit of putting mascara on right when you get out of the shower? Don’t do this–it prevents your eyelashes from separating the way they’re supposed to when you apply mascara, which means that the mascara is unable to spread out evenly along your lashes. This leads to overloading in certain areas, and, subsequently, flaking.


4. Curl your lashes:



Another way to ensure that your lashes will separate effectively is by curling them–this provides a cleaner surface for you to brush your mascara on.



5. Use a primer:


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Mascara primer sounds kind of like a fake product, right? But, I assure you, it is very much real–and it can help prevent flaking, because it brushes out the lashes and provides a sturdy base that makes it easier for mascara to stick.


6. Don’t go crazy with product:



The more mascara you apply, the more it’s going to flake. So, jut try to avoid the Spider Lash look that can happen if you do five or six coats of amscara.


7. And make sure you wait between coats:



You can apply more than one coat, of course–just make sure you’re waiting a little longer than you might feel like you should. You should reapply mascara when your lashes are sticky with product, not totally wet from it.


8. Try not to use fiber-based mascara:



Most lengthening mascaras tend to be fiber-based. These are great for adding length to the lashes, but unfortunately, this length almost always tends to fall off at some point during the day. Instead, look for mascaras that don’t have “fiber” on the label–Neutrogena Healthy Volume and Bobbi Brown ‘No Smudge’ mascara are both good options.


9. And if you do, use a waterproof top coat:


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This helps seal off the lashes, making it much harder for it to flake off.


10. Try applying translucent powder to the lashes before you put on your mascara:


Buy Nars Light Reflecting Translucent Powder for $37 from Sephora

This will soak up any mascara-interfering moisture you have going on with your lashes, and can work as a substitute for lash primer if you’re in a pinch.


11. Do a coat on the top of your lashes instead of just the bottom:



This can add a ton of volume and length to your lashes without adding too much product to the bottom layer, which is what causes it to flake. Just make sure you aren’t doing double coats on both sides–if you’re doing it on two sides, one coat on each should suffice.


12. Make sure you’re actually removing your mascara every night:


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If you have a ton of residual mascara on your lashes, it’s definitely going to flake off–you’re just piling new mascara on top of old mascara, which is pretty much just going to be a huge mess. So, make sure you’re using eye makeup remover every night in addition to washing your face.


Do you have issues with your mascara flaking off? Do you have any tips for dealing with it? Let us know in the comments!

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