12 Reasons Why You Need To Start Incorporating Belts Into Your Wardrobes

When I was in middle school, my best friend had a studded belt that she would wear on the regular, whether with a pair of low rise jeans (lol, the 2000s) or with a pair of Dickies. Either way, she looked so badass and I was envious AF. I owned plenty of belts when I was a teenager, but for the most part they’ve largely fallen out of fashion. Sure, you might see fashion bloggers wearing them, but otherwise… I mean, come on, unless your pants don’t fit properly, how many of you are really spending coin on a belt? You might have a couple of them, but how often are you really rocking them?

Most of my belts have been gathering dust, but I recently bought a plain black belt for the first time in years…and I’m glad I did. It’s easy to forget that belts can truly transform an outfit, whether it’s big and bold or thin and subtle. There are some outfits I honestly can’t even wear at this point without throwing on a belt! If you need some convincing that a belt is actually worth buying, let me get this out of the way: I don’t blame you. I too was asking myself why I was spending money on an accessory that might not even get much play in my day to day outfits. But listen, I’ve seen the light and I want you to know about these 12 reasons why you need to incorporate belts into your wardrobe and exactly how to wear them.

1. They instantly make an outfit look more sleek. For example, this all black everything outfit with a simple black belt.


2. They can add a killer retro flare when you’re wearing high waist jeans.


3. They can transform a shapeless dress that you avoid wearing into a dress that you’ll want to wear a couple of times a week.


4. They’re basically just jewelry for your waist, so you can have a lot of fun playing around with design, texture, etc.


5. If you want to excentuate your waist, a belt can do that in an instant. 


6. They can help add a pop of color to an otherwise plain color palette without taking away too much attention.


7. Or, if you WANT the color to be ultra eye catching, you can do that too.


8. Elastic belts can be a lifesaver for flowing maxi dresses and skirts that you love but feel are ever so slightly off.


9. If you want to look elongated, you can wear a belt high up on your waist to give the illusion of looking taller and having longer legs.




10. They instantly add structure to outfits that could otherwise look a little sloppy.


11. They allow you to get a little creative with your look, especially if you use a scarf instead of a traditional belt.


12. If you love a layered look, you might want to add a belt on top. Yes, even more layers.


So, do you wear belts or do you think they’re just an overpriced and mostly useless accessory? Tell us in the comments!

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