8 TV First Kisses That Are Actually Realistic

First kisses. They are…weird. Exciting. Nerve-wracking. Awkward. But they all have one thing in common: everyone, at some point, will have one. Whether it’s with someone you’ve been DYING to kiss, or someone you unexpectedly start crushing on, having a first kiss is something we can all relate to. So, when your favorite characters on your favorite TV show kiss for the first time, you can totally relate to how exciting it is, right? But are they actually ~relatable~? Most of the time they aren’t, if we’re being real.

Yes, I’m all for the “first kiss happening in the pouring rain at 1 am” situation that happens to frequently on your favorite TV shows,  but that stuff just does not happen IRL, unfortunately. Also, isn’t kissing in the rain cold? Whatever. Anyway, I know that you might get some pretty unrealistic expectations from TV show first kisses, so I wanted to bring you some couples who had ACTUALLY realistic first kisses. You know, kisses that are pretty awkward but still fun and exciting. I mean, that’s most likely what your first kiss will be like. Not all of them were perfect or dramatic, but they were all important, so check them out.

Rae And Archie On My Mad Fat Diary

In order to avoid your parents or siblings, you might have to go somewhere a little weird or unconventional in order to have your first kiss. Archie and Rae end up having it at an indoor pool. It's cute and awkward, especially when she describes his tongue as a "tiny animal," but it's innocent and  pure, which is how a first kiss should be.

Stiles And Lydia On Teen Wolf

Disclaimer: you should never really kiss someone without asking them first if they are having a pretty bad panic attack. But, when Stiles is having a panic attack, Lydia tries to help him hold his breath by kissing him. This kiss is pretty unconventional, but is still very pure and sweet. It also very realistically portrays what a panic attack is ACTUALLY like.

Maya And Zig On Degrassi

I'm not super up to date on the current season of Degrassi, but I was a fan of Zig and Maya in season 14, when their budding relationships was still innocent and less complicated. After making fun of Maya's bad dance moves (RUDE) Zig kisses her. Unfortunately, her mom then walks in and ruins the moment, which just proves that parents are the WORST. Jk, but this stuff DOES happen, and if it happens to you, don't worry about it.

Betty And Jughead On Riverdale

Okay, their story is...complicated. They are solving a murder together and whatnot, and have spent all of this time getting to ~know~ each other, so, naturally, they kiss. But here is where it gets a little more difficult: Jughead is (supposedly) asexual, which could make this kiss a little more complex than it seems. And, a lot of the time, kisses are complex. You don't know what they mean or how you feel.  You can kiss someone and still be confused about your sexuality, which seemingly what's happening to Jughead ATM. Only time will tell what's going on with them.

Rory And Dean On Gilmore Girls

Yes, Rory and Dean's relationship was weird AF, but their first kiss was so strange it was actually super realistic. Dean unexpectedly kisses Rory in the supermarket and she was so shocked, she stole cornstarch (weird). But, let's be real, kisses can put you in a state of shock, you might accidentally shoplift. I mean, you probably won't, but you might do something weird like run away, which is what Rory did.

Jim And Pam On The Office

Okay, your first kiss might not be perfect. In fact, it probably won't be. It might be nice, but then it ends up in dramatic love triangles, like Jim and Pam's did. This stuff happens, not too often, but it does happen. You might feel confused or even upset after your first kiss, and that is all okay. It's an emotional time.

Leslie And Ben On Parks And Rec

Your first kiss might be unexpected, like Ben and Leslie's. Odds are, you actually won't be able to plan out your first kiss the way you perfectly imagine it, and that's okay! It actually might be better when you're not expecting it, so you don't get all nervous and chicken out at the last second. On the plus side, you will probably freak the F out and call your BFF as soon as it happens, which is exactly what Leslie did.

Lorelai And Luke On Gilmore Girls

Your first kiss might be super romantic, but it also might be interrupted by a naked guy sleep walking, like Luke and Lorelai's was. Listen, I'm not saying you should prepare for a naked runner but...interruptions happen. Try not to let it ruin the moment.

What TV kiss did we miss? What is your favorite tv show? Tell us in the comments!

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