15 Just Girly Things That Perfectly Explain How You Feel About Makeup

Trying to express a pure, wholesome sentiment? Great. Just don’t put it on the internet. If you think about it, pretty much nothing that has ever been put on the internet has been able to retain its original intent, since anything that gets put on the internet and achieves some sort of viral fame inevitably becomes warped. In most cases, this is disheartening–Pepe the Frog was taken by the alt right, and BBC dad, who you probably thought was nothing more than a blip in a nice, wholesome viral video a few days ago, is actually bad, apparently. But other times, it is good (or at least amusing). Take, for example, the Just Girly Things phenomenon.

You are familiar with Just Girly Things, I assume, in its original, conventional form that argues that any normal human experience is exclusive to being heteronormatively female–you know, like “taking a shower” and “laughing with friends.” You are probably equally familiar with–if not more so–the parody versions of Just Girly Things, which turn the original (and already absurd) idea of the meme on its head to show how very absurd it is. In any case, it is now one of my favorite parts of the internet, and, I am sure, yours too. So, check out these just girly things that perfectly explain how you (definitely) (probably) (not really) feel about makeup:
1. Ah, nothing like it:



2. Okay!




3. Love coordinating my clown makeup with my kooky pals:clown-makeup



4. The only self tanner I’ll accept:leg-hair-self-tanner


5. Nice:mom-perfume-just-girly-things



6. Actual relationship goals:ruin-lipstick-just-girly-things



7. Actual school goals:


8. A Look:



9. Very relatable:

10. Lots to work with here:



11. A nice tip!



12. No:



13. The most important beauty ritual there is:



14. I mean, I agree!



15. Totally:


What do you think of these things? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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