15 Genius Ways To Organize Your Small Accessories In Your Bedroom

In your bedroom, you probably have designated spaces for your clothes, your shoes, your books, your tech stuff, your handbags, and your school supplies. Making room for the big stuff that you own is easy, and usually pretty obvious. But what about when it comes time to organizing and storing your small accessories? Finding neat places to keep little, random items like sunglasses, jewelry, hats, pins, watches, and belts, just to name a few, can be a whole lot more difficult. This is because of two things: one, they’re smaller, so it’s easier for them to get jumbled up in a drawer or on a shelf, collapsing together into one cluttered pile. And two, you usually don’t have that many of them, so it’s hard to find designated spaces for three sunglasses or two hats. They all end up together, once again, in a cluttered pile.

Organizing and storing small accessories the right way is so important if you’re trying to have a put together bedroom. It starts with the small stuff, after all. Your clothes could all be folded and your shoes lined up in a row, but if you have drawers that are stuffed full and shelves that are overflowing, your room is still going to look like a mess. Plus, who wants to lose their smaller items just because things got messy? Nobody!

With a little effort and some Pinterest tips, you can learn how to organize your small accessories so that they’re in easy reach, they look good, and they don’t fall together. Check out these ideas, and get started ASAP:

1. Use drawer separators. 



Have a spare drawer? Grab some drawer separators (or make your own) and fill it with accessories. I love this idea – a large section for glasses, and then smaller ones for jewelry so that everything doesn’t get tangled.


2. Set up shop on your dresser.



Your stuff CAN be on a single surface without looking terrible. If you want to make your dresser look nice, focus on using the top to hold accessories. Smaller items like trays, dishes, books, and jewelry stands keep things looking neat, while the addition of flowers and a lamp keep it from looking like you just threw things down.


3. Repurpose a tiered cupcake stand.



A tiered dessert stand is a perfect way to store and display your small items. Have “sections” for each kind.


4. Make good use of a multi-purpose hanger.



Hangers like these are typically made for pants, suits, ties, or some other form of clothing, but they also make great accessory organizers. Hang sunglasses and jewelry for a pretty and efficient display.


5. Use clear storage cases. 



Clear storage cases like these are made with makeup in mind, but they’re also a terrific way to store your small accessories. It’s easy, too, because you can see everything without having to open it up.


6. Use a tray.




If you don’t have a ton of accessories, a pretty tray is a great way to display and organize your stuff. A tiny vase of flowers makes the tray look nice rather than just full of stuff.


7. Use baskets, boxes, and bowls.



Grab some baskets, boxes, bowls, and storage cases, and find a spot for them where they look pretty and neat. Then fill them each with something different.


8. Add jars and bowls to your tray.



Add more storage space to your tray with matching jars and/or jewelry stands. Tiny decorative bowls look good and hold your smallest items.


9. Turn a cart into an accessories stand.



A cart like this one is easy to find and is usually pretty expensive. Add bins, jars, and whatever else you want to hold your accessories.


10. Utilize your desk area as much as possible.



Add shelves over your desk and stock them with as much stuff as you can. The trick to keep it from looking cluttered is to space things out a bit and to add decorative pieces like photos, prints, or flowers.


11. Hang things on racks. 



Get some racks, which are usually inexpensive, and use them to hang sunglasses, belts, jewelry, and hats. It’s a good way to save shelf/dresser space, and it looks really nice.


12. Put hooks on the bottom of a shelf.



Make one or two shelves your place for accessories. Store most stuff on top, but add hooks to the bottom to hang jewelry, belts, and sunglasses.


13. Turn a mirror into storage space.



Don’t have much room? DIY a mirror into storage space. Fill it with your accessories so that they stay neat, but out of site.


14. Designate a corner of your room to accessories.



If you can swing it, make one corner of your room all about accessories. Add small shelves for certain items, hooks or racks for things that need to hang, a little cubby for shoes and boxes – whatever you need. Decorate with a plant, candles, or flowers.


15. Put up a big pegboard.



Pegboards are cool because they can hold so much stuff in one spot. If you have the wall space, this is a great way to display and store items.

Which one of these storage ideas is your favorite? How do you put away your small accessories? Tell me in the comments.

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