22 Fancy Prom Flats For Girls Who Hate Heels

Heels aren’t for everybody. Unfortunately, prom season is basically here and people have probably told you that you need to wear heels for any special occasion, no matter how much you hate them. But here’s the thing: Flats can be formal too! In fact, some of them are actually perfect for prom. Whether you think heels are uncomfortable, you feel too clumsy to function in them, your date has an unfortunate Napoleon complex, or you just want to be comfy, there are tons of formal flats for everyone’s different prom style that won’t make it look like you’re wearing sneakers or flip flops. And if we’re being real, those heels are coming off the second your favorite song comes on so you can really dance without being (more) awkward about it.

Even if you love wearing high heels, flats do have their undeniable perks and shouldn’t be automatically associated with being boring or too casual for prom. They’re actually super fun and totally unexpected! So, if you’re going for an alternative prom style anyway, like a menswear-inspired suit or jumpsuit, having alternative shoes also seems like an obvious choice  You might think that flats will look silly with a prom dress, but since you’re going to be browsing floor length gowns, who’s going to see your shoes anyways? Nobody. Heels or no, your prom shoes are going to be a personal fashion choice, so do what makes you feel comfortable, not just because you think you’re “supposed” to wear heels. There’s no rules, here. If you hate heels or just don’t want to commit to a whole night in four inch pumps, we know the struggle. These are 22 fancy flats you can totally wear to prom.


1) Nothing says formal like putting jewels all over something, right?


Formal AF. Yeah, they’re from a bridal store, but guess where carries tons of formal wear and has killer sales? Bridal stores! I scored bridesmaid shoes from one for $15 and I wear them for all kinds of special occasions. They’re worth a browse-through, trust me.

Buy them from David’s Bridal for $39.95.


2) You an kick it back to childhood with these formal jellies.


That’s right. Formal. Jellies. Yeah, mom, I won’t grow out of it, thank you. Jellies are classic, not trendy, fight me on it.

Buy them on Amazon for $13.99.


3) If you’re totally married to your leather jacket, rock some studded black pumps for an adequate substitute. 


They’ll also pair well with your favorite skinny jeans, so it’s really a win/win.

Buy them on ASOS for $27.26.


4) These sandals give off some serious boho vibes, if that’s more your style.


Formal doesn’t always have to mean super dressy. Neutral is classic and those pearly details are everything you could want from an embellishment without it being loud as hell.

Buy them from Anthropologie for $168.


5) Or if loud embellishments is actually what you’re looking for instead, these flats are extra sparkly.


Buy it on David’s Bridal for $89.


6) Personally, I would buy a dress to fit these metallic cut-out formal oxfords.


They’re too cute. I can’t. What’s not to love about them? Bet you didn’t think of oxfords for prom! Especially if you’re wearing a suit and you still want something a little feminine to go with it, these flats are perfect.

Buy them on ModCloth for $79.99.


7) These robin’s egg open toed flats are absolutely adorable.


I’m all for robin’s egg as a neutral. Especially if your dress is a neutral tone, this is a really fun pop of color to work in.

Buy them from Anthropologie for $198.


8) If you have some extra coin to spare, these lace up sandals look both expensive, but also probably of worth it.


Had no idea sandals could be so chic, tbh.

Buy them from Anthropologie for $328.


9) Wear these jeweled t-strap sandals for some added bling.


The most common prom shoe looks like this, but heeled, if we’re being honest. So, do the flats version! Personally, I love the flower detail in the middle.

Buy them on David’s Bridal for $29.95.


10) Somehow, these flats are both shabby-chic and formal at the same time and we’re not mad.


That BOW! This looks trendy and also like something you probably saw your grandma wear in an old-timey photograph. So cute.

Buy them from Anthropologie for $128.


11) Four words: shiny pink metallic loafers.


One more word: tassels.

Buy it on ASOS for $22.32.


12) Keep it simple with these strappy satin sandals. 


Nothing wrong with a classic. You don’t have to be loud with your prom shoes if you don’t want. These are still formal even if they aren’t super dressy or fancy.

Buy them from Anthroplogie for $168.


13) These flats actually look like they’re made of pixie dust.


Whether or not you love Tinkerbell, these flats look straight out of a Disney movie.

Buy them on David’s Bridal for $19.95.


14) These updated metallic ballet flats have enough of a twist to be totally prom-worthy.


They have kind of a boots-vibe while still being flats. Totally badass, if you ask me.

Buy them on ASOS for $22.32.

15) These two-toned oxfords are surprisingly awesome.


And by surprisingly, I mean obviously. Masculine pieces can still be formal and feminine if you want them to be (or not).

Buy them on Amazon for $39.99.


16) The details on these t-strap flats make them look like a mermaid-perfect dream without being cheesy.


If you want to go full mermaid, though, they also come in super bright shiny blue.

Buy them on ModCloth for $49.99.


17) These pointed toe flats will fool anyone into believing you’re actually wearing heels.


The pointed toe will do the trick and the two-toned black and blue is the perfect blend between making this classic or statement shoe.

Buy them on ASOS for $27.27.


18) Embellished suede flats are going to be super comfortable and fancy enough to pass your school’s dress code for prom.


The scalloped edges are a nice, delicate touch.

Buy them from Anthropologie for $138.


19) Get eclectic yet vintage with these pearly floral flats.


Somehow these aren’t gaudy or tacky at all. Don’t ask me how, it just seems like magic.

Buy them on ASOS for $34.71.


20) These laceless oxfords might make you look like a female James Bond.


Or some other fancy super-spy equivalent (clearly going undercover at prom).

Buy them on ModCloth for $34.99.


21) You can wear white starry boots to prom and still have it count as formal wear.


Basically, if David Bow might’ve worn them, they still count. Look at those stars! I can’t get over how cute these are. Someone please wear these to prom.

Buy them from Anthropologie for $398.


22) Strappy pointed toe flats with little metal details are going to look amazing with a prom dress and will definitely be your go-to flats in general, in life.


The grey is also going to go with whatever color dress you get, so you may as well buy these flats now.

Buy them from Claire Clark Boutique for $24.


Would you wear flats to prom? Which one of these are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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