15 Ways To Wear Sheer Clothes Without Feeling Naked

You know when you see someone wear something and you wish you had the guts to rock it yourself? Maybe it’s a pair of crazy platform boots, or a bold lipstick color that you think would make you look ridiculous, or a dress you would wear if you were a little more daring. Uh, been there! I mean, I’ve definitely had people tell me they wish they were as brave as I am when it comes to my penchant for wearing bright colors, but that sounds like small stuff when I’m out here scrolling my Instagram feed and seeing girls and femmes confidently show off their low cut tops and love handles and looking amazing. But hey, we all have those looks that we wish we felt more confident pulling off, and while I have many, I’ve started to feel more comfortable with one style I used to balk out: Sheer clothes.

If you told me a few years ago that I would feel comfortable wearing a sheer top without a zillion layers of covering underneath, I would have scoffed. But now I’m like, “Hey world, here’s my sheer top! Here’s my bra! Gotta blast!” And yes, I manage to rock that look without feeling too naked (which I’ll explain below). If you’ve wanted to venture into sheer clothes and accessories for a minute but keep chickening out, don’t worry, I’ve got you. Here are 15 ways to rock sheer clothes without feeling (too) naked.


1. Pair a sheer top with high waist pants to feel a little less exposed.


2. Rock a very solid, basic bra in either black, white, or nude underneath a sheer bra. Honestly, this might take some bravery, but if you feel better you might want to wear a strappy bra that looks like it could be a bikini top at a glance.


3. Wear a long sleeved mesh top underneath a solid t-shirt to get a hint of mesh without showing all the goodies.


4. Or, do the same thing with a sheer t-shirt with an opaque tank on top.


4. Wear more forgiving sheer fabrics; you don’t have to wear mesh, why not wear a sheer chiffon blouse instead? It’s still sheer, you just won’t look like you’re wearing a stocking.


5. Wear a sheer piece that is super layered; there will be so much fabric that nobody could see through it if they wanted to.


6. Go for a sheer outfit with a bold color and pattern on it so that that’ll be a little more distracting than what you’ve got going on underneath.


7. Wear a sheer blouse or dress with embroidery or other textures that makes you feel more covered up.


8. Avoid the scandalous zone all together and wear sheer pieces elsewhere, like sheer socks. 


9. When it comes to bottoms, it’s natural to go a little more conservative. The idea of someone seeing our bra is a lot more comforting than the idea of someone seeing our butt, right? Opt for sheer panel pants that leave a lot to the imagination while maintaining its peekaboo aesthetic.


10. Go for loose fitting sheer numbers; fitted outfits are generally more revealing; you can get away with a lot more when you’re rocking, say, an oversized top or a baggy maxi dress.


11. Instead of wearing a low-key bra underneath, wear a bright and colorful one that looks more purposeful; otherwise, you might just look like you didn’t realize your top was see through in the first place.


12. Don’t sweat the risk of showing more than you can handle and just go with a tank top, sports bra, or bralette underneath your sheer top.


13. Consider wearing a sheer tank over a solid top. You’re better off wearing the lighter color underneath and the darker one on top.


14. Wear a sheer dress over an opaque dress (or any other outfit) to take your layering up a notch.


15. Opt for sheer outerwear in the form of a “kimono” style robe or duster. Or, wear sheer items that can easily be worn as an outerwear piece, like a button up sheer blouse.



How do you feel about sheer clothes? Do you think it’s accessible or naw?  Tell us in the comments!

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