16 Genius Packing Tips To Help You Be Organized While Traveling

The best part of spring, in my humble opinion, is the promise of warm weather and longer days. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating very well here on the East Coast, so you might have to  plan a quick spring break trip to somewhere warm, like Mexico or Harry Potter World (ideal, TBH). It’s a good idea to get away every once in a while! So, after you’ve finally planned your trip, you actually have to pack for said trip. And that can get…annoying.

I don’t want to pat myself on the back too much, but I need to confess something to you guys: I am an excellent packer. I am bad at mostly everything else in my life, but packing has always been my strong point. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy and just wear the same thing every day on vacation, or maybe it’s because I am a fan of folding things so much that they became a fraction of their original size. IDK what it is, but packing is something I have always been good at. If you aren’t good at packing, traveling can be a nightmare. You might overpack or underpack, or not utilize your space correctly. It really is a science that takes quite a long time to master, but I have found these easy packing tips that will make your trip a breeze. Check them out.


1. No matter where you’re going, make a list of things that you will need before and during your trip:




2. Put your bullet journal to good use and create this handy packing chart:





3. Stick to an outfit theme and try to bring things you can mix and match:





4.  Once you’ve picked what you’re bringing, be sure to fold it correctly:




5. Add dryer sheets to your bag or suitcase so your stuff will smell clean and fresh:




6. Keep your jewelry and accessories in a pill case for easy organization and storage…and so you won’t lose all of your earrings. Been there.




7. Organize your clothes by day, fold, then put them in a plastic bag to keep things organized:




8. If you’re not into the plastic bag idea (eco friendly!) then use this guide to keeping everything compact in your suitcase:




9. Don’t forget to bring a laundry bag with you so that you can bring your dirty clothes back without having to mix them in with any clean clothes:




10. If you’re traveling with your makeup brushes (you never know) put them in a sunglass case so they aren’t just floating around your makeup bag:




11. If you want to travel with makeup but don’t want t bring an entire palette, coat some cotton swabs in eyeshadow and keep them in a plastic bag to save some space:




12. Do you feel weird about throwing your shoes in with your other stuff? Same. Put them in a shower cap! Add your socks inside to keep things organized.




13. Are you nervous that your shampoo will leak in your bag? SAME. ALWAYS. Try this easy tip to avoid any spills:




14. If you would rather skip the bottle all together, put little portions of your lotion/hair products in a contact case so you don’t have to waste space with the bulky bottles:




15. If you’re going on a plane, don’t forget to organize your carry on tote:




16. IMPORTANT: keep your chargers neat by packing them in a sunglass case so they won’t tangle.





Are you traveling this spring? What are your travel tips? Tell us in the comments!

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