20 Creative DIY Ways To Transform Your Old Jeans For Spring

By the end of the winter, your jeans are probably tired and worn out from being in such constant use – after all, that’s what you reach for when it’s cold and tights or leggings just won’t cut it. Jeans are also, obviously, a great trend for spring, but with the warmer weather and the feeling of freshness in the air, it’s natural to feel the urge to buy some brand new pairs. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t do that – go for it if you want! – but you should also first look into some ways to update your old jeans. There are lots of easy DIY projects out there that will transform your denim and won’t cost nearly as much as a new pair.

Plus, this spring, there are a lot of random denim trends out there – embroidery, patchwork, wonky hems, etc. They’re all fun and something you should definitely participate in, but they’re also super, well, trendy. This means they probably won’t be popular for very long, but they’ll cost a lot of money anyway. So, if it’s something you’re only going to wear a few times, wouldn’t it make sense to save a little money rather than spend it? Aside from the financial aspect, DIY denim updates are unique in a way store-bought pants just aren’t, meaning they’ll aid in your personal style in a good way. Ready to start transforming your wardrobe? Here are some creative DIY ways to update your old jeans this spring:

1. Create a light fray hem.




A gently frayed/unfinished hem is a huge trend right now, but why buy pants like this for extra money when they’re so simple to make on your own?


2. Turn plain jeans into boyfriend jeans.



Want the relaxed, casual look of boyfriend jeans? With a few tweaks, you can transform old jeans that don’t fit well or look super worn into trendy boyfriend jeans.


3. Add an embroidered phrase.



Use bright thread to add a sassy embroidered phrase to any of your jeans. This looks cute along the waistband, on the bottom hem, or even by the pockets.


4. Go for the hem roll out look with a few easy steps.



A pair of scissors and an iron are all you need to transform the look of your old jeans into something super chic and trendy for spring.


5. Opt for a deconstructed look.



Go for a more unique style by turning old denim into deconstructed denim. It’s so different and stylish.


6. Brighten up denim with embroidered floral.



Embroidered floral patches make your jeans just right for spring weather. This tutorial mimics a super pricey Gucci pair!


7. Heavily fray the bottoms.



Hems so frayed they look like fringe is another big trend for spring 2017. Make your own frayed hem jeans like these easily.


8. Use a few patches to create a cool pattern.



This jumbled patch look is so stylish and fun, especially with the ripped knees and mix of denim shades.


9. Add knee rips for something simple.



You don’t need to be a DIY master to add your own knee rips, and this tutorial is proof of that.


10. Go patriotic with American flag cuffs.



Perfect for upcoming ‘Merica holidays, these jeans are also just fun and casual.


11. Do a feminist stitched twist.



Make a statement with some feminist phrases in pretty stitching.


12. Add tiny embroidered hearts to the back of jeans.



This is a cute way to do something different that isn’t overwhelming.


13. Add lots of patches in a strategic way for the most fun pair of jeans.



Patches aren’t out just yet. Decorate your denim to show off your personality.


14. Make old, worn jeans look new again with patches.



Got some holes in unfortunate spots? Work with them by adding patches to cover them up in the prettiest way.


15. Or make your own holes to fill with fabric.



The white stitching is a really unique touch here.


16. Add really large rips.



Ripped denim this spring is on another level, with some jeans featuring giant ripped roles. Make your own, it’s super simple.


17. Stitch fun sayings on your jeans.



It’s easier than it seems to make a statement with denim.


18. Here’s an easy way to fray your jeans:




19. Go for an uneven hem.



This look is also very trendy right now, and can easily be replicated at home on your own.


20. Opt for a pocketless look. 



Get in touch with your ’80s vibes with these pocketless jeans.

Which one of these DIY projects are you going to try? What’s your favorite denim trend? Share in the comments!

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