19 Unique Neon Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Spring

Since the ’80s are apparently back, it’s time to throw out all of your dumb 21st century clothes and bring back what your parents used to wear when they were teens. Fishnets? NOPE. Neon leggings? YEP!  What about neon everything? Yes, it’s true, neon is enjoying a comeback, and there are some pretty cool and trendy ways you can wear the bright shades this spring without looking like a walking Lite Brite. But how? The answer is simple: makeup. I know it sounds intimidating, but hear me out, because it’s not as hard as you think.

Of all of the spring makeup trends that will be big this year, the most unique one, IMO, is the futuristic and spacey neon eye makeup trend that you have probably seen on Instagram over the past few weeks. It’s different and will look good on anyone, which makes it a perfect trend to try out when the weather gets warmer. I know you might be a little scared (it’s a pretty bold look) but check out these unique neon makeup looks that will inspire you to ~light up~ your face. Ha, like neons lights! Get it? Anyway, check them out.


1. Add a pop of color to your boring black lids with some bright green liner on top and a tiny bit of orange, you know, for Saint Patricks Day:


2. Outline your eyes with bright orange liner for a super springy look:

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3. Use two different shades of blue for some crazy contrasting eyes:

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4. Use one color on top of your eye and one on bottom for a super unique eye look:


5. Go for a more subtle look by adding some blue on top of black liner:

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6. Go for DOUBLE liner with this super cool neon pink eye look:


7. You don’t HAVE to stick to neon eyeliner:

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8. Add glitter and stars to combine TWO trends in one look:


9. Don’t stop at just your eyes: go ALL OUT, if you’re willing to commit.

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10. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, add some neon to your nose because…why not:

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11. Try a neon highlight to really stand out:

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12. Add neon color to your BROWS, too! Nowhere is off limits, girl.

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13. I LOVE this multicolored eye look….it’s fierce AF:

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14. Don’t forget your lips!:

15. Or go for a slightly more subtle lip look:

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16. Or try this cartoony/glittery lip look:


17. Finally, show off your ~girl power~ attitude with these neon venus signs:

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18. Or just go ALL OUT. You’ll look fab:

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19. PS: add some neon love to your nails, too!

Which one of these looks are you going to try? Tell us in the comments!

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