7 Things You Don’t Actually Have To Tell Bae

Pick up any relationship book, or read any article online about it, and it will tell you that honesty is one of the most important things in a good relationship. It’s even something that your friends, family, and anyone who loves using the #relationshipgoals hashtag probably preaches.

I’m not here to tell you that honesty is overrated. Here at Gurl, we also talk about how important honesty is in relationships. However, it’s important to know that you don’t have to tell bae EVERYTHING. You don’t need to tell bae all of your deep, darkest secrets and then some to have a good relationship.

In fact, being too open in a relationship can sometimes have its own set of consequences. Therefore, it’s important to try and get that balance right. To help you out, check out seven things you don’t actually have to tell your SO.

Anything You Don't Feel Comfortable With

If you don't feel comfortable telling something to bae, note that you don't have to say anything. Period. Everybody is different and there are some things you will feel comfortable sharing and there are things that you might not want to share. And bae will probably have some different ideas.

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Things Involving Your Family

While bae might know your family, you don't necessarily need to tell bae ever single thing that happens with them. TBH, your fam probably wouldn't appreciate it that much. Secondly, bae might actually find it boring AF and unnecessary. Remember that sometimes your family's business, is just your family's business.

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Your Financial Situation

Talk about money will probably come up at some point when one of you is broke and the other wants to go out for a date. It's a good idea to communicate how much you're able to spend so you don't feel pressured to go out and end up in the red. However, you don't need to tell bae all of your bank details like what your debit pin is or how much money is in your checking account, down to the cent.

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Everything You Do When You're Not With Bae

You might want to keep your SO updated, but don't feel that you need to give a detailed report on everything that you do when you're not with bae. If you feel that bae is expecting that sort of thing, that could be a red flag and signal bae is being controlling.

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Details About Your Exes

Sharing details about your relationship history can help you and bae have a better relationship. That being said, you don't need to go into a lot of detail about your exes and their interests or habits, especially if they're things that aren't going to benefit your relationship now. For example, bae doesn't really need to know what school your ex goes to, what he/she looks like, or how rich he is, etc.

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Your Passwords

We have passwords for a reason. It's so people don't read our stuff. If you don't want to share any of them with bae, don't. FYI: Not sharing your password isn't a sign you're hiding something so don't let your SO make you think that. They're your personal things that are being protected by that password, not bae's.

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What's Happening With Your Friends

The same deal applies to this as it does your family. Unless your friends are doing something that could directly affect bae, you don't need to overshare information about them. Obviously it's great if bae knows who your friends are and he/she would like to have a relationship with them, but remember that your friends' business is their business.

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What things do you prefer to keep private from bae? Let us know in the comments!

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