8 Clothes You’re Definitely Buying At The Wrong Time Of Year

Shopping seems like a pretty straight forward venture, right? Go into store, see item you like, check size, buy item, go home, take selfies, the end. Well…most of us have to learn the hard way that that’s not the case. I’m sure you can recall a time when you bought something in your size that ended up fitting like it was two sizes smaller. Whether it comes to clothes you should never buy in your true size or tips on how to avoid getting scammed by your favorite stores, there are a lot of things we should know before our next shopping venture. And since we want to help you save money and shop smart, we’re here to hook you up with another set of shopping secrets: The best times of year to buy your clothing essential.

You know how you might buy a new coat when it starts to get chilly, or a bathing suit when summer is approaching? Yeah, well, you might just want to rethink that strategy. It seems like the most obvious one – why wouldn’t you purchase something you’re going to use as soon as you walk out of the store? – but it’s actually part of a marketing scheme that is getting you to spend more money than you need to. Curious? Check out these eight clothes you always buy at the wrong times of year, and when you should buy them instead.


Believe it or not, there's one month in particular that is stellar for copping this year-round favorite: October. Yup, in the post-back-to-school season, you can guarantee that some of your favorite stores are going to offer steep discounts on their jeans and other denim favorites.

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Coats, Jackets, And Winter Gear

If you want a new coat or jacket, you can find some pretty decent sales in January and February. But for the biggest discounts, wait until March and April. Stores really want to get rid of their fall and winter inventory, meaning they're going to put a lot of their cold weather essentials on super sale. This also includes gloves and scarves!

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There are two good times to cop some sneakers: April and November. April is prime because the weather is starting to get warmer and you can cop some great deals. In November, stores are usually clearing out a lot of inventory to make room for boots, so sneakers will often go on sale to help get rid of leftover summer stock.

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You're probably going to buy your swimsuit in late spring or the middle of the summer, right before some beach trip. Well, next time, prepare a little bit earlier, because the best time to buy a swimsuit is actually right after peak swimsuit season. In other words, you'll find the best deals on swimsuits in August and September.

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Sunglasses might be most useful to you in spring and summer, but if you're on an ultra tight budget you should probably just hold off and buy your next pair of sunnies in fall. Why? When daylight savings ends, you're going to see a lot less sunlight, meaning your need for sunglasses will drop. You can expect your favorite retailers to suddenly put their sunglasses on sale around late September and October.

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Looking to treat yoself? Your best bet on copping jewelry on sale is in February. Why? Two words: Valentine's Day. Oh, and while you're at it, make sure to grab some discounted chocolate from February 15 til the end of the month.


Party Dresses

If you know you're going to hit up some fancy events in the coming year, you'd be smart to stock up on party dresses--especially of the shiny, sequin variety--in January. Why? Simple: They sell like hotcakes right before New Year's, but after the holidays they're usually on super sale.


Fancy Stuff

If you're going, "WTF do you mean by fancy stuff?" then, well, fair enough. In other words, if you're saving up for a more luxury item--say, a designer bag or expensive sweater--your best bet is to wait until Black Friday or the day after Christmas. That's when you can expect the best storewide deals from even the most upscale retailers.


What seasonal apparel do you always cop at the last minute? Tell us in the comments!

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