18 High Ponytail Hairstyles You Need To Try For Spring 2017

If you’re getting bored with the same hairstyles you’ve been relying on for months or years, it’s time to switch it up. A lot of people get stuck in hair ruts because they’re too intimidated to try something new, which is totally understandable, but there are plenty of ideas out there that are simple and still make a big impact. One example: high ponytails. Simply moving your ponytail higher up towards the crown of your head can make a whole world of difference. When done right, high ponytails can look fancy and glamorous, or flirty and fun. Hey, Ariana Grande rocks them constantly and she always looks great, so that should be reason enough to try one!

In all seriousness, though, high ponytails will be enjoying a *moment* over the next few months, as they’re slated to be a big hairstyle trend for spring and summer 2017. Get in on it now with some of the below ideas, which range from elegant to unique and fun. Nail a simple tutorial and use it on a daily basis, or try something more chic for a fancy night out. There’s really no wrong move here. To get you started, check out these high ponytail hairstyle ideas that you’re going to love. Trust us!

1. Add volume for a more glamorous look.



Adding a pouf of volume to the front is the easiest way to take a high ponytail from casual to more dressed up. Leave out the front sections of your hair to really create some height.


2. Incorporate a few small braids to give your ponytail a messy/boho feel.



This messy braided look is super versatile and really different. It’s easier than it looks!


3. Do a secret double ponytail to make your high pony look longer.



Want the look of a long, voluminous ponytail even if you don’t have enough hair? Try this easy secret double pony look to get it.


4. If your pony feels limp, add some height using strategically placed bobby pins.



This trick is a great way to give your ponytail that cute little bounce you want.


5. Do a half-up high ponytail for something more casual and relaxed.



A half-up high ponytail is flirty and fun, and super simple to accomplish. For more volume and texture, curl your hair first.


6. Make your half-up high pony stand out by keeping it super tight.



The sleek, pulled back look contrasts with big, wavy curls, creating a really cute style.


7. Copy Ariana Grande’s signature super long high pony.



All you need is some hair extensions!


8. Turn your high ponytail into a high fishtail ponytail.



A high fishtail braid can be dressed up for an elegant night out, or worn in a more casual way – it’s a pretty great style that will stay put for hours, and it looks so cool.


9. Make a statement with something really different.



Adding a small elastic for a little separation in a long pony is fun and unexpected in a good way.


10. Do a high pony braid to keep all the hair out of your face.



The key to making this look better than just “good?” Pull on the braid so it looks larger, and leave a good chunk of hair at the end after the elastic.


11. Wrap a lot of hair around your elastic to really make your pony sit up high.



The more hair around the elastic, the higher the pony! This also has a cool futuristic vibe to it.


12. Brush out curls to create a wavy high ponytail.



This is a great way to style day-old curls that are starting to look limp.


13. Copy Gigi Hadid’s style with this sleek braid.



This is super versatile and easy to create on your own.


14. Separate hair into two sections to keep your pony secure.



Use this trick if you’re having trouble keeping all of your hair up.


15. Start with straight hair and use mousse for a super sleek pony.



With the right makeup, this sleek look is great for fancy occasions.


16. Pull out the front sections of your hair for a messy pony.



This is easy, cute, and great for school days!


17. Try a super pouf if you really want to stand out.



This is a great look for second or third day hair that is starting to get greasy.


18. Add a metallic hair accessory to instantly make your pony look cooler.



Just one item can make your hairstyle way more fun than boring!

Which one of these high ponytails are you going to try? What’s your favorite hairstyle right now? Tell us in the comments!

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